I'll say it... Newt, please gracefully step down.

Just got in a little bit ago and saw the current results for Alabama and Mississippi… it looks strong enough to hold on for Santorum to win both.

Previously Romney won his “home” state, the one where he was raised in, by essentially one county going mostly for him and Gingrich/Santorum’s splitting of overlapping voters.

Gingrich has clearly lost his home state and the other in play in the South tonight. Romney looks to be third in both.

Barring someone finding a buch-o-ballots-in-a-trunk-somewhere* or some totally weirdly skewed final returns in my opinion it’s time for Gingrich to take one for the conservative team, step aside and endorse Santorum. Or at least step aside.

*not that Dems might stoop that far to help Romney but it’s a possibility…

update: facepalm applied… for some reason that probably involves me not working at nuclear powerplants or being the guy assigned to call in artillery fire back in the day I switched Newt’s home state fight into tonight’s race… sigh…