Chameleon karma, karma, karma...

Was listening to Mr. Savage’s radio show while driving home tonight and he was giving advice to Romney that came down to essentially change what you’re saying to get more support.

It struck me that this is exactly a big problem in politics – people do change what they’re saying to be the chameleons they need to be to get elected and once they’re in office they “change” yet again into something usually not “expected” by the folks who voted them into office. The karma of it is that it keeps happening over and over again… or is that the reincarnation of it?

I’d rather Romney (or whoever) get where they are because of who they are and that what they say comes from that and not from group of handlers/bundlers/bunglers etc who tell them how to act and what to say to appeal at just the right time and hoodwink us about who the candidates really are. If it’s handlers doing the work then the candidate is just a willing puppet for them and will be either a puppet for other “experts” or something else totally unexpected once in office. Even if he’s putting his foot in own mouth once in a while I’d rather have someone who comes across as his own man and not some sort of advanced con-artist.

But that’s just me. I don’t trust Romney or Gingrich to be sincerely what they espouse to the degree needed and have some reservations about Santorum.

The sad thing, for me, is that so far the biggest quality the three front runners still have is that none of them are actually Obama and espousing against America.

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