Bomb Syria? Really?

When did the U.S. Military become an arm of the Muslim brotherhood (or whichever arm of Jihad crazed islamics is behind the Syrian unrest)?

Seriously, McCain called for the U.S. to bomb Syria.


Why do we have to get involved in everyone’s civil wars these days? Really? Can’t we just let them sort it out themselves?

Don’t give me the “oh boo-hoo it’s gonna be genocide if we don’t do something” routine either: What, other than having the might to do so, gives us the right to insert ourselves in this fight?

Libya – We (and much of the world) hated the leader and had blood grudges there. ok.

Iraq – See GWI followed by the pissing off everyone that led to GWII… ok.

Afghanistan – harbored AQ and refused to give them up… ok.
(btw Pakistan – now harboring the Taliban and AQ -should be treated the same as Afghanistan before we ever do anything to Syria in my opinion)

Syria – has done what to us or in opposition lately?

How bad is our Military about to be cut by Obama?

Why should we bomb Syria again other than the fact we’re not close pals? I’m missing this one other than the “gotta stop genocide line” and quite frankly am bit put off by the squishy folks who don’t realize war is not an x-box game where “only combatants” are hurt. If the uprising in Syria is successful expect to see genocide against those who didn’t want it/are of the wrong ethnic group. If the uprising is crushed ruthlessly (like the last one – minus modern communications and plus more casualties than so far listed) expect charges of genocide whether they are real or not.

Pardon my ignorance of the need to bomb Pakistan, feel free to tell me why we should or shouldn’t go there.