Dear Candidate Cain...

I was going to write something like:

“It’s time to man up and admit it and say you’ve grown past it etc”


“If your wife was ok with it because you’re such a chick magnet just admit it and move on”

or something to that effect.

But then that would admit to giving in to the meme being presented that you’re guilty of any accusation presented before all the facts are in. But then I’m not quite as anxious to see you dragged down by accusations that wouldn’t torpedo any democrat without seeing them proved correct beyond a shadow of doubt. Whether you have skeletons in the closet that will pop out when they want attention/need money, or not, we’re probably going to see this again and again for a while until you learn to deal with it.

My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that we, the less informed public etc, are left with guessing between “is there a pattern of sexual dilly dallying*” or “are we set to see a zillion baseless accusations meant to drag you down”?

Either way it’s a club you’ll be bashed with for the rest of your life, whether you or anyone else likes it. You’ll be bashed with it if your elected or not.

Time to man up on dealing with it.

Admit you’ve had affairs (if you have) or at least deny the baseless accusations. If you’ve had affairs it’s not like you’d be the first man on the planet to have done so.

Your biggest problem is that you will be/are being attacked by self righteous moralists who want to hold any Republican to a standard so high no one will make it who is likely worthy of the job. If you’re momentarily annoyed that Gingrich isn’t getting the same grilling over his past don’t fret – if he’s the nominee all that will be dragged out and on display in the general election. Don’t forget that while the self righteous moralists (and those in the media pandering to them) will never forgive you. However, later on in the voting booth the voters will have to choose “best person for getting the job done”. (while many will choose best PR person/best image presented many others will vote for who think will do the actual better job of POTUS)

A lot of us are sick of the professionally slick professional office seekers. Your track record in business and your ability are your best assets. Suck it up and deal with it or go home or help someone else be the next “not Romney” etc.

*At the end of the day remember Bill Clinton. If you’re cleaner than him** then keep running and push harder for the nomination. Hang in there past the early primaries of the smaller states and focus on the big picture. If you’re not cleaner than Bill Clinton then it is time for you to talk to the other candidates and join in with one of them to help them get elected and stop the devastation that is destroying the economy. If you opt to pitch in and help someone else I’d suggest Perry, at least he’s not Romney. Not all heroes are the guy at the top of the food chain.

**by cleaner than Clinton I mean if you didn’t abuse your positions of power and basically commit any potentially prosecutable crimes in doing anything you’ve done with any of the women alleging you and they were involved in each each other to any degree.

If you’ve read this, or a staffer of yours has, thanks etc, now get back to whatever else you’re doing and help stop the down slide of the Republic.