Today I was convinced Herman Cain can win the presidency.

Call it a gut instinct, call it what you will.

I was talking with an older lady this afternoon while running errands and the topic of the latest nothing-burger about Herman Cain came up. She was miffed about it and said that the 14 year gap pretty much discredited the alleged offense of him allegedly making a pass at a ladder climbing lady (etc – my summing it up not a direct quote). Then she went on to say that she was considering changing her affiliation from D to R just so she could vote for him in the primaries and then again in the election…

Or to sum this up a little more, a dyed in the wool lifelong democrat who had likely no idea I’m registered Republican says two things:
1. Enough of the bs attacks.
2. She wants to see Herman Cain as our next POTUS.

I thought it was an absolutely beautiful moment and so far has been the highlight of a very pleasant Fall afternoon here in South Central PA.