A funny thing happened on the way to the lynching...

Ran across a nicely done article on Drudge.

Harnden pretty much nails it about last weeks nothingburger against Cain. After this I think Cain may be teflon coated unless someone has direct video/dna/twenty witnesses sort of evidence if they want to sling mud at Cain.

My favorite quote from the article:

With many conservatives believing that sexual harassment lawsuits are an industry and that frivolous cases are often settled to avoid more expensive litigation, there was a growing sense that Cain was being treated unfairly.

Ironically if it weren’t for the massive abuse of the litigation system, for whatever lefty PC cause of the moment may be, there would likely have been no frivolous charges to revisit decades later only to watch them implode.

Feel free to continue grinding axes/quibbling over every second of time spent reacting etc over the week if you’re not for Cain. Everyone has to have a dead horse to kick once in a while…