The Cain double standard of reporting/review etc

Apparently someone thinks groping/pawing a stranger with a microphone in public in front of her live camera is just hunky-dory at a public event: http://dailycaller.com/2011/11/03/former-washington-post-editor-discusses-cain-sexual-harassment-story-while-pawing-daily-caller-reporter/

I think it’s an excellent illustration of the double standard on display with Cain:
Had Cain put his hands on this lady in this manner, or had any Republican male done so, he’d be getting raked over the fire 24/7 for harassment, maybe sued etc. This guy will get a total pass because he’s “just being friendly” or whatever excuse he has for himself pops to mind if he’s even ever asked about it.

Personally, it’s just my opinion after listening/reading about the topic for the week, I think the Cain harassment charges are essentially a tempest in a teapot that is being exploited by anyone who wants to pitch something at Cain for whatever reason. On the other hand such attacks have been ongoing against Conservatives for so long with so many of them unfounded (though not all) with such a huge lopsided pass given to Liberals on the same topic that it makes me not care anymore. Call it backlash if you want, call it whatever you want. At this moment in time if three women came forward and directly accused him of harassment etc I just wouldn’t care-in fact I’d wonder how much they’re being paid to reassert charges that weren’t good enough to take to court 20(ish) years ago when they’d have an excellent chance of getting paid off with a lifetime gravytrain judgement if the charges were valid. Much of this comes from living through the 90’s when sexual harassment was a trial lawyer fattening sacred cow that was abused left and right. Some of it comes from a personal experience where a false accusation was made against me and dropped when the accuser was caught on tape telling someone it was not true (for which I thank God and one of my best friends every time I remember that time).

Was Cain’s response perfect? No it wasn’t. Who would be perfect when being attacked from the shadows with unnamed accusers from a politically motivated and well executed smear attack? Are we looking for the astute professional office seeker candidate who says “I can’t have that I’m running for office” or do we want the guy with experience at fixing/running/succeeding at hard things in life?