The big spend: advertising

If you think of this campaign more like a business…let’s say Company A and Company B are competing. Company A enjoys a marketshare anywhere from 2 to 8% greater than Company B. From a business perspective, should Company A spend millions to widen the gap at all expense? You would not see this in the free market. Yet Obama is taking other people’s hard earned money (or special interest groups contributions) and spending like there is no tomorrow. And in an economy like this!! Much less, he agreed to the Presidential Public Funding Program, then backed out which tells us a lot about how he keeps his word. I have no idea of how much the prime time half hour spot costs or the 7 to one advertising he is funding in various states. I wish I did. But even so, think about this. The campaign is so close DESPITE the long running attempts by the media to support Obama, DESPITE the overwhelming spend that McCain cannot match because he supports the Presidential Public Funding Program. The poll numbers should really show a much larger gap. If you have to spend money to buy votes, your message must not be that compelling. Obama is willing in this economy to spend others money for a fleeting moment instead of standing up and saying how he’ll make change. So if in office, when his approval ratings decline, will he spend our money just to get the poll numbers up? Will he approve legislation or programs because it sounds good on TV? Will he not make the tough decisions of what that money could really do good at in the long-term? What if he took that funding and said he was not going to spend it on TV ads, but rather set up a program to help people that are struggling? We all know he’d get tremendous press, probably more than he could ever buy. But he won’t do that. And let’s not tell him about that. Let’s elect John McCain!

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