Hi to all, I’m the 70 year grandmother who use to blog daily on Red State, FOX Blogtown Hall, TPN and all at once it seemed to me that all I was doing amounted to zilch!  Today, two days after the midterm election something inside me made me return to my computer for what I have to say may be of interest to some. 

Americans spoke this last Tuesday, but did the Obama Administration hear them or did they once again turn a deaf ear and pretend that we’re incapable of good decisions, we’re ignorant and as Pelosi would say, “we just don’t understand.” 

Does Obama really want to lead our Nation and restore our once strong foundation or is he once again playing his old soft shoe and hat tricks?  Me thinks we have a rat in our icebox and the rat just allowed the Feds to steal our cheese again and devaluate our dollar. 

If you notice, we were exhilarated after the election and in our hearts hope was softly stirring again; we thought that just maybe there was light at the end of the tunnel.  While we were distracted reviewing election results, the FEDS once again sneaked behind closed doors and decided to print 600,000,000,000.00 dollars.  There excuse is this was the way to stimulate our weak economic situation, but let’s think about that…  Yep, the “Snuckers” are at it again lead by one of my least favorite people Bernanke. 

Who is going to take the hit?  Without a doubt the taxpayers are about to get the “aftershock “of their life!  Remember the debt ceiling has been raised three times during Obama’s reign, even when Republicans stood up and said, “enough is enough,” the Democrats nonchalantly  screwed Americans again.

The vicious circle we’re in at this time will create yet more hardship, stress, fewer jobs and harder economic times.  I feel that this definitely could be the preliminary act by the FEDS that will lead to a Depression.

In big banker’s terms, the printing of money we don’t have is fondly called quantitative easing which in my layman’s lingo means they’re once again devaluating our dollar.  So this means the interest we’re paying China and others is actually going to cost us more.  

What happens between now and next June if the FEDS continue this formula of taking nothing to create nothing?  I believe China is going to step forward and say, sorry USA you’re not a good risk anymore; your government is selling out your country one billion at a time.

So, in ending my soap box spree, I would like to share this with my fellow Americans.  The one we call Obama doesn’t give a Damn about any of us and talks out of both sides of his mouth.  Yesterday on national TV, he feebly tried to assure us that he understands that we’re out of jobs, losing our homes and scared.  But, today he is headed to India to play footsy with some foreign powers and spend millions (some estimate billions) of the taxpayer’s money and for what? 

A real leader would be in the White House frantically trying to connect with Americans again, helping us out of one of the worst economic crises of our times.  We have a spoiled rich brat in the White House that needs to be removed before 2012 rolls around.  “May God Bless America.”


As Always, Little Tboca (Annie)