Illegal Aliens Making Headlines Again

As we all know illegal aliens is a crime, not a race.  America is the land of the free home of the brave – none of us wish to harm those who are legal citizens, for we are our brother’s keeper.   Although some of the news media tosses the race card and human rights card into the mix; this isn’t the issue at hand.  

Our government should deal swiftly with the many problems on our borders and in our states,  but they are quite content playing the cat and mouse game and constantly hide the real issues implementing the old Socialistic weapons of distraction and division of our citizens. 

Distraction created by Obama calling the SB1070 misguided, setting his civil rights hound dogs out to do his dirty work.  Suing Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona is another sneaky attempt to confuse the citizens of the USA. The race card has nothing to do with anything when it comes to securing our borders; it’s a vice or merely a distraction.

Division is created by misrepresenting the facts to our Latino friends in hopes of once again securing their votes. Many use the Liberal news media in an attempt to divide our troops so to speak.  Reid’s attempt to pass the Dream Act via piggy back on the defense bill wasn’t successful, thank goodness.  This Dream Act was one more feeble attempt to grant amnesty to a select group of illegal aliens.  

If our government was a governing body of the people, for the people and by the people our borders would be secure as we speak.  Instead, our voices remain unheard and the illegal alien problem is stashed on the ancient history shelves. 

The best way to approach a problem is remove opinions, propaganda, all fictitious gossip and concentrate on the facts.  Below are but a few of the facts, not biased, nor laced with opinions or paranoid gossip.

March 30th 2010, Rancher Robert Krentz was murdered by an illegal alien.  Mr. Krentz had just talked with his brother and told him he was going to assist an illegal alien who needed medical help.  Mr. Krentz had spent his lifetime helping illegal aliens cross his 35,000 acre ranch. 

In March 2010, an American woman and man working in the consulate in Ciudad Juarez, just south of El Paso, Texas were murdered.  A Hispanic man married to another consulate employee was murdered at the same time. 

August 2010, 72 Central and South American migrants close to our US border were massacred.    President Felipe Calderon condemned the massacre as the work of desperate cartels, but there is some conjecture that these migrants were being detained, not for money, but for recruiting by the drug cartels. 

Newark, NJ 2007 a gang which appears to be mainly illegal aliens called the MS-13 terrorized Newark.  6 illegal aliens killed 3 college students (execution style) and shot one in the face leaving her for dead.  This case is but one of many due to our unsecured borders.  The first defendants hearing was in May 2010!

September 23, 2010, it appears that a young Colorado man may have been shot and killed on a Lake in Texas by border pirates; the wife just barely escaped harm’s way. 

Go to this site to read about more heinous crimes committed throughout the US by illegal aliens.  http://www.immigrationshumancost.org/text/crimevictims.html

More facts – you be the judge.

Fact – illegal aliens is a crime not a race

Fact – Our borders are not secure

Fact – Illegal aliens are literally breaking our Healthcare system and our educational programs

Fact – Illegal aliens are creating havoc in our jails

Fact – Over 22 states are adopting similar illegal alien bills to the SB1070

Fact – ICE releases thousands of illegal aliens back into our system – most aliens don’t appear for court dates as promised

Fact – Field agents for ICE have lost confidence in their leadership

Fact – Special Interest groups have meddled with ICE’s detention facilities

Fact – Obama has no interest in correcting the illegal alien problem; he’s interested only in Latino votes

Yes, I have an opinion and believe many others will be killed, kidnapped or maimed by these corrupt people before our borders are secured?  The Liberal news media saturates our daily headlines with false rhetoric, lies and propaganda about illegal aliens.  Kidnapping, human trafficking, drug related crimes and heinous murders continue. 

May God Bless America