Bashing - One Feeble Excuse

Obama’s Bush bashing strategy is beyond ridiculous; his private pet puppets ABC, CBS and NBC continue their Bush fabrication in hopes that November 2010 may pull some Democratic rabbits out of the house.  Neither the Obama Administration nor their puppets have a leg to stand on and I say this for several reasons. 

Obama reneged on his campaign promises and has added horrendous amounts to our National Deficit starting early 2009. The Democrats, without any Republican support nonchalantly passed a Stimulus Bill to the tune of 787 billion dollars.  The stimulus bill has proven to be an open check for Obama – which he has misused from day 1.  If one were to insist on an accurate accounting of this money, you’d probably be ready to impeach the one they call “Obama.” 

Then another gouge in taxpayer’s pocketbook came with the Healthcare Reform, this bill was much like the Arizona SB 1070 because no one who voted for it had actually read it.  Pelosi said on National TV, that no one knows what’s in the bill until it’s passed; so much for behind closed door politics! 

So with all Obama’s reforms and bills in the past 18 months have increased our National Deficit by approximately 2,684,010,302,753 dollars.  This isn’t even close to the actual debt by the Obama Administration; there’s too many missing unknowns in the Reform, the Healthcare and the extras that the Democrats are spending to prepare for November 2010.  This isn’t just the story of Redistribution; it’s much more ominous and dangerous to our country, our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

But many of the Democrats still in office know when the Recession gave birth and they’ve deliberately misled Americans for many, many years.  It takes some homework to find the actual story, but to those who are truly interested in their Nation – it’s an assignment that must be completed before an actual recovery will be possible.  It’s time to face the culprits head on…

Go to this article by Rich Noyes 9/25/2008 for a quick incite on the housing bubble.  Just copy and paste this link into your browser.   You see that the Democrats must not just share the blame about Freddie and Fannie; they own it!     http://newsbusters.org/blogs/rich-noyes/2008/09/25/when-watchdogs-snore-how-abc-cbs-nbc-ignored-fannie-freddie

Obama and Dems keep spouting being on the road to recovery and this just isn’t true and never will be because Big Government, Runaway Spending does not equate to any form of prosperity or recovery from a Recession. 

There are billions of dollars that could be saved by winning the repeal on Healthcare Reform, insisting that all lending institutions, car manufacturers, Unions (Including Freddie, Fannie and AIG) pay taxpayers back in full.  The Unions are etched at the hip with Obama and they are one of the primary offenders in our White House.  It’s time to get our Nation back on its feet…

We need a budget, money back from the propaganda spent on selling the Healthcare Reform and Stimulus Package.  Remove all earmarks; retrieve money given to those states and institutions who are frittering our money away by declaring their projects are legitimate earmarks.

 No more taxes of any kind on Americans including small business and the big corporations.  Our recession can’t recover until businesses know Uncle Sam will stay out of their bank accounts; consumers are just plain frightened and confused with the present economy. 

Consumers are reluctant to invest in our broken economy; they are going to wait and see if permanent jobs are available, if the Bush tax cuts remain, if the government quits throwing our money out the door and if we can successfully remove the dead weed from the Senate and the House.

The Republicans aren’t lily white and unless they are willing to promise to create a budget, start repaying the National Deficit, repeal the Healthcare Reform, retrieve the remaining monies from our stimulus package, downsize the government, implement transparency, secure our borders and protect our Military the Recession will continue to haunt us for years. 

May God Bless America

Little T-boca (Annie)