Hats Off to the Tea Parties

The Tea Parties need to be congratulated for their support of Arizona’s Governor (Jan Brewer) and the State of Arizona.  They have rallied numerous times in support of the bill, many contributed by blogging and identifying the SB 1070 as a bill mirroring the Federal Government’s laws on illegal immigration. Fox News has shown strong support of the tea party members and the SB 1070. 

Some may feel, their voice isn’t being heard, but do to their diligence in supporting this bill, almost 70% of Americans are now behind Jan and the State of Arizona.  Your voices have been heard!  Nine states are backing the bill and are showing support by filing a briefing in the US District Court of Arizona.

The briefing is basically justifying Arizona’s need to implement the SB 1070 and is saying the Obama lawsuit is costly and without substance.  Here is a portion of the brief:   By lawsuit, rather than by legislation, the federal government seeks to negate this preexisting power of the states to verify a person’s immigration status and similarly seeks to reject the assistance that the states can lawfully provide to the Federal government,” the brief states.

Today we see Janet Napolitano on her broom making a sweep of the Western border in a feeble attempt to secure more Latino votes for Obama.  Doesn’t it appear a little too late?  So here we have Janet, just idly passing out money while the DOJ has sued the State of Arizona and Jan Brewer; what’s the message here…  Could it be another smoke screen, we know after 18 months of suffering under the Obama Administration that handing out our money and suing at the same time is more than a little peculiar.

Napolitano’s firm (as she called it) statement to Governor Rick Perry actually insinuates that Governor Perry is lacking pertinent information.  She not so politely states that the border has received a record amount of security resources during the Obama Administration. This is pretty much like her statement and Obama’s that our borders are more secure than they’ve ever been.

Is there any honest Democrat in the White House?  Janet Napolitano is playing cat and mouse with the border states and has the guts to lie on National TV.  She elaborated more by say,
“The numbers tell the story, and they do not lie,” she said: violent crime is down on the US side of the border, while seizures of illegal weapons, drugs, and cash are up.  Does this person even live in the United States – I believe she must be from a foreign country and totally oblivious to reality.

The Tea Parties are marching forward to “take back our country,” and without their support our political problems would be beyond repair. They are the eyes and ears of America! Join a tea party and become an active American citizen.  “May God Bless America.” 

As Always, Little T-boca(Annie)