Obama's Lies to Americans

The speech by Obama on the illegal immigration issue at America University today was saturated with Obama’s Socialistic maneuvers.  First he went full throttle for the Latino votes, assuring them that he backed a plan that would give 11 million illegal aliens an easy pathway to citizenship.  He blamed the GOP saying they blocked his plan.  Thank goodness for the GOP!

Obama blindsided the Latinos once again just a repeat of his campaign promises in 2008 and many will not buy his promises again.  Please note that although he talked about a plan for illegal immigration reform; he did the Obama thing – “opened mouth an insert foot.” 

No plan or time frame mentioned. Notice that his speech was hollow, distant, and full of blame against Republicans and Arizona’s SB 1070.  This time Obama called the SB 1070, ill conceived and again he misstated the legalities of the law, stating. 

Here is a list of Obama lies all wrapped up in a ½ hour speech. He said; (1) The influx of illegal immigrants is what has kept our economy alive, (2) The border is safer now than at any time in the past twenty years, (3) He wrapped legal and illegal immigrants all up in the same package in an attempt to confuse the public. Three whoppers in a ½ hour, but why should we be surprised?   Obama was merely buying Latino votes this morning – nothing more, nothing less. 

Isn’t it strange that Obama met Tuesday with a group of Hispanics discussing what procedures should be followed for the illegal immigration problem?  Did he forget his promises to Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer – no forgetfulness isn’t a character flaw of Obama. 

Why didn’t he go to the Mexico/ Arizona border and find out the facts?  The fact that he stated in his speech that Arizona border was safer now than it had been in the past 20 years testifies to the fact that Americans’ voices don’t count for squat. 

The border is dangerous, in fact so dangerous that signs are posted telling tourists, motorists and Arizonians that they are pretty much taking their life in their own hands if they travel anyplace around the border area. 

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Terry Goddard spoke on National TV and stated the SB 1070 wasn’t illegal and thought it a waste of time to sue Arizona and Jan Brewer. 

Arizona Democrats are distancing themselves from the Obama Administration. Harry Mitchell wrote a stinging letter to Obama, stating that Arizonians are tired of the grandstanding and said that a lawsuit as requested by Obama over the SB1070 wouldn’t solve the problem and is a waste of time.

Mitchell, Giffords and Kirkpatrick all Democrats aren’t buying Obama’s soft-shoe dance or the blame game that he plays; they want Arizona borders secured. 

About 70 plus % of the populace support the SB 1070 and approximately 20 states are trying to initiate a similar illegal immigration law at this time. 

Hillary and Bill Clinton are obviously doubting the one some call President of the United States and they are preparing their house for 2012; Hillary and Bill won’t be left out in the cold with their “pants down,” so to speak.  Ohio Governor Ted Strickland stated he will not run with Obama as VP.

Americans your voices are starting to catch the attention of those in the White House, stay vigilant and keep fighting for our Nation.  “Take Back Our Country America” repeal the healthcare reform, demand a spending freeze, transparency, eradication of earmarks, smaller government and demand that the remainder of our stimulus money be applied to the National Deficit.

We literally have a powerful group of Americans that will help us every inch of the way.  All of these brave Americans want to “take back our country.”

There’s Dick Morris, FOX News, Sarah Palin, WND, Tea Parties, Joseph Farah, Michele Bachmann, Megyn Kelly, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner and team, Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Greta Van Susteren and the list rambles on and could fill a small book.  We have the powerful ammo, all we need to do is given them 500% support. 

As Always Little T-Boca (Annie)