Obamanism Strikes Again

Today is a rather historic day if it comes to Obamanism, Republicans and Democrats have joined his famous house of theatrics and are grilling BP CEO, Tony Hayward. Meantime, Obama, Axelrod, Plouffe, Reid and all Obama handlers are sitting back enjoying the show. Why is this day historic, because we once again get front row seats watching “Big Government”  play politics?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the BP oil spill occurred approximately two months ago and yesterday was the first time Obama scheduled a meeting to meet with the upper echelon of BP. He gave all of 45 minutes of his valuable time to BP and turned the remainder of the meeting over to co-workers or better yet his gophers.

Why does the House think they’re doing America a favor by grilling the CEO of BP after the fact; doesn’t it occur to them that they should have been knocking on Obama’s door and demanding answers? But they opted to play Obamanism and sat on the fence getting great News Coverage and for what?????  Guys and gals the oil problem still exists; you really have alot of guts playing Obama’s “Blame Card.”

What has played out the past few months was intentional by Obama, he didn’t assume the role of President of the US; instead he played his notorious chess game and waited until all players were in place. Now he’s smugly sitting back patting himself on the back while our government representatives play the Obama game. 

Our Republicans and Democrats should all be removed from their roles as representatives for our great Nation – they once again just dropped us on our heads and now we must suffer thru the theatrics. If anyone of them had truly been concerned – they would have had Obama’s head along with his cohorts! 

They’re saturated in corrupt politics and there first response wasn’t; (1) How can we protect our fellow Americas, or (2) What can we do to stop Obama and gang as the spill turns from a horrific accident to a National catastrophe, and (3) Where were they day 1, 2 3 and on….. on National TV of course playing “He said, She said?”

For those who want to congratulate their actions, I’d say wrong move – neither Republicans nor Democrats had the guts to correct this problem 2 months ago. If they had used their news time correctly, they would have insisted on toe to toe meetings with the President and BP executives. Next they would have insisted that experts on oil well explosions be contacted to find a resolution to the problem, but that didn’t happen!

Why didn’t they question Obama’s decision to turn down outside help from other countries? Why didn’t they insist on an immediate meeting with the BP oil executives? Why didn’t they verify who was responsible for monitoring the deep well drilling?   Why didn’t they question Obama 2 months ago just like they’re doing with Tony Hayward? Why did they, once again get sucked into the world of Obamanism? 

They allowed a stimulus bill and healthcare reform to sneak in our backdoor – they could have stopped these costly off the wall programs merely by reading the bills and reform or if they could read, another thought would be have Constitutional attys decipher it for them.  bama, Pelosi, Reid and the remaining Democrats in office didn’t even know what was in the bill and our gutless wonders in Washington did nothing, but give us a big bunch of baloney via the news media. 

Could it be the old problem that plagues politicians called “job security” – well now they have one more reason to be concerned about the upcoming elections in November 2010. None of them did their job, but they sure played politics with Obama!  

If our government had been aggressive in handling this oil spill, our fellow Americans in the Gulf States would have suffered minor losses and I’ve said that for good reason. On this day, June 17th 2010 oil is still spewing and Obama, Democrats and Republicans are sitting in their easy chairs playing the “blame card.” Shame on them!   Obama isn’t capable of leading our country, but he is capable of destroying it.

T-Boca.com (Annie)

“May God Bless our Nation”