Obama's Approval Rating Sinking

Curiosity has overtaken my good judgment and instead of writing a blog giving both sides of the story, tonight I’m merely asking the 26% of our American public who strongly approve of the way Obama is performing his role as President, WHY, WHY and WHY? 

It’s obvious that a few of you have an inside lead on what he has accomplished in the past 17 months and it seems only fair to share this news with the majority of American citizens who strongly disapprove of his role as President. 

First, please tell us where our stimulus money has disappeared and share with us how much was used to help large and small businesses recover from the recession.  Don’t forget to give us an accurate accounting such as; (1) The recipient’s name, (2) The terms of the loan (when it will be paid back to the taxpayers and at what rate of interest, and (3) Give us the total cost of dispersals and the exact balance as of June 12, 2010.

Next, explain why the Hamp, Harp and other Obama programs have not assisted homeowners as promised.  We know these programs weren’t monitored.  Why were lenders who are in lawsuits up to their armpits allowed to participate in these programs? In 2010 there are over 4 million homes in foreclosure or headed for foreclosure as we speak.  

 Then we have the new terrorist laws that are poorly orchestrated and no one knows what if any is the final ruling on the Miranda rights?   When the Obama Administration handles the next terrorist attack, will it jinx our chances to try this person or persons in a military tribunal court due to the incompetency of our government?  Will they read him or her their Miranda rights or as usual will they still be trying to decide who might be or may be defined a terrorist?

Now we get to this healthcare reform that took Obama almost 1 and ½ years to pass.  How do we really know what’s in the healthcare reform – not even Pelosi, Obama, Reid or fellow Democrats have a clue what is actually in the reform.  Unions, big businesses, small businesses, the medical field and private citizens are trying desperately to get a grasp on the reform. 

Didn’t you know that a few outside interest groups created this reform and that’s why Pelosi stated, “No one will actually know what’s in the reform until it’s passed!”  What a shame that a law is passed before anyone knows the legality or contents of the reform!

The figures on this reform keep changing and the cost to taxpayers, businesses (Large and small) and the Medical field already is causing severe employee cutbacks and the quality of treatment that people will receive is still an unknown!

 Don’t stutter over the Medicare issue, because it is being tampered with as we speak and many seniors will suffer.  So what’s the great hype about the healthcare reform; why could anyone embrace a reform that results in bigger government, fines, higher taxes and a reduction in the quality of healthcare? 

Take the recent BP spill and correct me if I’m wrong, why would Obama wait 50 days plus trying to figure out who’s to blame for the spill?  Shouldn’t the first response be, “How can we stop this disaster?”  The “blame card” could be used later because it’s not a solution it remains the problem.  

In closing enlighten the 74 % of your fellow Americans who think our government is corrupt and explain why there’s over 4 million homes in foreclosure for 2010.  Let us in on the jobs secret – so far we’re drawing unemployment, because our stimulus money wasn’t used to promote job growth as promised. 

What is there to like about the healthcare reform?  Why has the promise of transparency gone by the wayside.  Who in their right mind thinks this spending frenzy by the Obama Administration will buy us out of a recession? 

Who’s in charge of our government budget and the out o f control National Deficit?  There remains one more question at this time – what exactly does it mean, when you say you approve of Obama’s role as President of our United States? 

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May God Bless America