Bend Over Obama

Pretty ironic to see NBC flashing this headline from Obama, Obama Wants to Know, ‘Whose A** to Kick’ Over Oil Spill.  Obama, sir yours would be my first choice for “kicking.”  You’re in the height of your glory when you can playact and toss the blame for your weaknesses and inability to lead our country.  Wake up sir, the “Gulf States” needed you over 51 days ago and as usual, you were too busy masquerading as President to be a first responder. 

Does NBC think this type of news will appease the American people?  To NBC, I say start presenting the facts and forget your opinion – good journalism is alive and well at FOX News.

CBS refuses to discuss Obama in the news headlines concerning the BP spill; every article trickles down on the back of BP.  One would think that Obama was on an extended vacation, if you were to follow the latest news on the spill – I believe they’re close to being correct.  Think his vacation started way back in January of 2009. 

So CBS takes the stance of some news is better than no news, but 51 days and counting since the oil spill occurred is the tragedy and it needs to be addressed showing both sides of the story.  Why do they try to protect the one who is showing gross negligence about the welfare of our Nation?  There bottom line isn’t the best and yet they refuse to practice excellence in journalism; instead they’d rather fight than switch, go figure.  Both sides of the BP spill can be caught at FOX news.

MSNBC continues to ramble on about BP’s negligence, their stocks dropping and in general MSBC pretty much continues straddling the fence and refuses to discuss the Administration’s lack of integrity when discussing the news of the day.  Wake up MSNBC – the people are tiring of your regurgitated, re edited and scrambled news.  It’s a new day, return to good journalistic values and revive your struggling attempt to hide the real news. 

ABC needs a big hand,  they are busy presenting all sides of the story and definitely not allowing their individual opinion to blemish the “real news.”  Way to go ABC, you are acting responsibly, professionally and a perfect example of great journalism. 

So as the news media rambles on, we are faced with an Administration who will go down in history as the “Spend, Bend and Blame” party who are truly gutless wonders.  Both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the crimes being committed on the “Gulf Coast.” 

Day 1, of the explosion should have been a red flag to both parties!  They should have stood shoulder to shoulder and called in the experts from around the world, instead they opted to play politics because all are too worried about the coming elections. 

Non- productive is exactly the type of people running our government – no longer does our Nation exist as a government of the people, by the people or for the people.  Obama’s Administration along with many Republicans spend all of their time and our money playing the “Blame Game.” 

Perfect example is the SB 1070 passed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  Did Obama respond to Arizona’s pleas for help – no he was too worried about Latino votes, so he took the high road and implemented the “Race Card.”  Obama, Holder and Napolitano didn’t have time to read the bill; they just did their disgusting political maneuvers and asked the News media to give them a much needed boost. 

The BP oil spill is identical to this Arizona problem, the people on the Gulf Coast immediately cried out for help and what did they get – delayed visits from the President, no immediate assistance as requested and a feeble response from our President that he will kick some “A_ _ “ once he decides whose “A_ _” to kick.  Just bend over Obama and we’ll be glad to kick it and help you out the door at the same time. 

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)

May God Bless Our Country