Do We Have An Illegal Alien In Our Midst?

Excuse my ramblings, but it appears to me that “Obama” doth protest too much about the SB 1070 and the illegal alien problem.  If he gets his way and gives amnesty to all illegal aliens, he will have taken care of his own doubtful citizenship in our USA.  An illegal alien is illegal regardless of race – race has nothing to do with someone being illegal – it’s a crime, not a race. 

Too many missing pieces on the Obama man, no real birth certificate – we need to find out who was paid off in Hawaii for covering up Obama tracks.  We all know that his associations with the outside interest groups (Acorn etc.), Bill Ayers, UBS,  Goldman Sachs, Antonin “Tony” Resko, Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright and his dirty list just keeps growing and growing.  Look at his Supreme Court nominees, where in the world did he find two women with the same “ideology” as himself?  Pretty scary! His Czars would fill a who’s who book for Socialism. 

Possibly one can’t be judged by their friends, but the old saying is still alive and well, “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.”  It’s unusual to see a couple of chickens shacked up with some high fluting peacocks.  What is evident beyond a doubt is Axelrod has Obama in tow and his every move is sliced and diced by the strong powerful Unions, the Chicago Machine and Special Interest Groups.

This man isn’t capable of leading our Nation, let alone, holding the most prestigious office in our Nation!  He’s a total disgrace to the majority of us and the sooner he’s removed from office the better.  What we have here in office is one of the biggest mistakes of our lifetime; we allowed him to dodge the vetting and to play games with our children’s heads via the computer and in their schools.

Obama isn’t committed to defending Arizona or our Nation against illegal aliens; his goals are two-fold here, (1) He is once again wining and dining the Hispanic citizens in order to buy votes – he promised them in 2008 and 2009 that he’d handle the problem on our borders, but that was many moons ago and that didn’t happen, and (2) If he can sneak amnesty thru the Senate and House for illegal aliens, he has covered his citizenship tracks and pretty much home free.

There are many unanswered questions about this man we call Obama and many groups have united in their efforts to find out the truth about his citizenship. Basically, I hope everyone with a computer does a blog on these things listed below – let’s saturate the web before Obama takes control of the Internet.

1.       Why so many different names, Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Durham, Barry Obama, Barack Durham, Barry Soetore?

2.      Why has his college information been lost in the shuffle – C Students from Columbia usually aren’t welcome at Harvard University.  Why has Obama a total lapse of memory about his college days?

3.      What community groups did he work for and what were the names of the grants he greedily took from the government to pad his pockets and others?

4.      Where was Obama actually born and why the fake birth certificate. 

5.      Why would Obama think he was qualified to lead our Nation – nothing so far in his background are good indicators.

I know this isn’t new information, but there are so many questions that remain unanswered.   I hope everyone will take a little bit of time and get this information out and on the Internet – we all tried to find out who this man was that has the position of President of the United States, but Axelrod and handlers literally wiped out his past, before they started his run for Illinois Senate.  If we’re truly interested in “Taking Back Our Country America,” then let’s do our Obama vetting now.

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)

May God Bless Our Nation