Obama's Mode of Operation

Well, Obama has been rather lackadaisical and irresponsible the past 17 months when it comes to Americans and their Nation. We’ve discovered that all of his campaign promises were merely stated to gain votes.

He ignored us when we said “no” to the Healthcare Reform and lied to us about the stimulus bill. In fact, where did all of our money from the stimulus bill go; it certainly wasn’t used to help us through the recession.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Obama has apologized for our behavior to foreign countries about 9 times. Let’s add one more apology that just occurred yesterday; he apologized to Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon about America’s behavior and Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070.

Think of the many Obama glitches in the past few months; (1) He packaged and sold us a healthcare bill that is an albatross around our neck, (2) He’s treated terrorists and foreign countries with kid gloves – study the nuclear weapons pact with Russia and you’ll see a President who once again is selling us down the river, and (3) He’s attacking the Arizona SB 1070, not as the President of our United States, but as some kind of “Civil Rights” advocate. He’s yet to give Arizona assistance in their border problem with illegal aliens.

How did he handle the oil spill on the Gulf? He didn’t even make an honest attempt to help our Gulf States. Now, over a month later he’s formed an independent commission to look into the BP oil spill. This is only one more ploy to buy time for his buddies at BP.

Obama is promoting his own agenda, because he doesn’t want any offshore oil exploration and he will get his way on this, if Americans don’t insist that BP blow up that oil well immediately. We must help our fellow Americans on our “Gulf Coast.

Arizona’s new immigration law, although receiving a majority approval by Americans, serves only as a tool for Obama to incite racism and gain Latino votes.

Next, on the horizon will be a new Obama bill to grant amnesty to approximately 14 million aliens hiding out in the United States. Where does he think the money will come from to give these illegals, healthcare, food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, housing and education for their off spring? My thoughts let the illegal aliens return home and apply for citizenship legally (got that legally.)

In retrospect, he’s spent all of his time growing our government, apologizing for us, spending money that we don’t have and totally disregarding America’s voice. This is Obama’s mode of operation and it will continue until Americans joins forces and removes him from office.

We need a freeze on spending, next ruthlessly downsize the government, demand transparency, remove earmarks, repeal the Healthcare Reform, stop all of the frivolous grants that Obama and others have established for their special interest groups and community projects. We need to place our government on a strict budget. No more spending until we start paying off the National Deficit.

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)

“May God Bless Our Nation”