Real Journalism Gone South

There’s approximately 49% of the news media refuse to follow the guidelines of good journalism. Even as their ratings continue to do a downward spiral they’re still clinging to Obama’s apron strings hoping for a miracle. Why is it so difficult for them to understand the principles of journalism? There was a time that CNN thought good journalism was a business, not a crime. 

Anchor, Diane Sawyer took one more nose dive for Obama when she agreed with Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon about reinstating a ban on assault weapons. Hey Dianne, Felipe Calderon just happens to have an arsenal of assault weapons stashed on his own turf.

Felipe received a standing ovation today after his derogatory remarks our immigration laws.  As if that isn’t disgraceful enough, the man some call President continued admonishing Arizona for SB 1070 and literally kissed Calderon’s fanny. It appears that either Obama can’t read or he has trouble comprehending what he is reading; the SB 1070 doesn’t permit profiling or any type of discrimination or is he trying to buy Latino votes?  

We know for sure that Obama’s cohorts, Holder and Napolitano got caught with their “pants down” when asked if they had read the law. Both said “no” to that question and they are two of the offenders that have used the profiling and race card to incite our Latino friends. 

Next we see NBC and ABC crowing about the threatened boycott from San Francisco and Los Angeles; but they’re sort of slobbering in their soup after Arizona’s very own Gary Pierce (Arizona Corporation Commissioner) offered to help Los Angeles out by shutting off their electricity. Hey, those who want to boycott Arizona are in the dark anyway!

Possibly, the problem that Felipe, Obama, Pelosi, Napolitano and Holder are experiencing could be classified in two ways, (1) Total indifference to our Federal Immigration laws, or (2) None of them have read our Federal laws. 

Felipe, Obama, Pelosi and Reid did you know – The Mexican constitution states that foreigners may be expelled for any reason and without due process or The Mexican constitution singles out “undesirable aliens.” Article 11 guarantees federal protection against “undesirable aliens resident in the country.” 

Oh my gosh Obama, bet you’re glad you didn’t try to make Mexico your stomping grounds – according to Mexican law, The president of Mexico must be a Mexican citizen by birth and his parents must also be Mexican-born citizens (Article 82), thus giving secondary status to Mexican-born citizens born of immigrants. Well, Mr. Obama whadda you think now?

The Mexican constitution guarantees that immigrants will never be treated as real Mexican citizens, even if they are legally naturalized.

There’s more, lots more concerning the Mexican immigration law – for example The Mexican constitution denies equal employment rights to immigrants, even legal ones, in the public sector. Felipe has a lot of nerve to come to our country and complain about Arizona’s new SB 1070; here’s a tried and true example of  the “pot calling the kettle black.” 

Of course he is shaking in his shoes, he’s already lost control of Mexico due to the drug lords, human traffickers and criminals from all walks of life. He doesn’t have any room or place for his own people (the illegal aliens.) 

Go home Filipe, take care of your own country and while you’re at it take Obama and his gang with you; once again Obama has shamed America. May God Bless Our Nation

As Always, Little T-Baco (Annie)