Good Morning Obamians

What might be the first thing on his plate when he crawls out of bed: (1) Call his czars immediately – need to find more money, (2) Send Biden out on a wild goose chase just to keep him out of his space and face, (3) Kiss Nancy Pelosi’s bottom – send her some roses or congratulate her on getting the “Healthcare Reform” passed, and (4) Tell Americans another lie about the economy improving, the money he’s been saving us and let us know he’s the best thing since apple pie and ice cream came along.

In retrospect, if we look at 2008 Americans were scammed by an unknown person from nowhere, who just happened to be one of the most eloquent speakers of our times. People not only believed his every word, they placed him into the position of President of the USA. 

Wow, a man who went from lowly community projects funded via government grants and at the same time learned how to play “chess” with those in the Chicago machine. Yep, next came an Illinois Senator who was a no show or next to it, because he had bigger irons in the fire! He didn’t want to ruffle any feathers so raising his hand and saying “Present” about 130 times in the Illinois Senate was a very effective way for him to keep his nose clean. Present, is neither “Yes”or “No;” it’s called straddling the fence.  

So stage left, enters the man they call Obama to the US Senate and once again he employed the handy little tool called “Present.” His eye was on the “Presidential Ball” and he’d lie, misrepresent or literally stand on his head to avoid criticism and his strategy was working in all arenas. Although Hilary was pretty savvy politician, she was no match for this person. In fact, he pretty much hung her out to dry until he was ready to use her!

Many African Americans, Latinos, terrorist countries  flatly adored him, almost to the point of worship. That’s why he has the handle “Obama God.”  Nothing seemed to slow up his progress and like an Arizona sidewinder, he kept crawling on his belly towards the White House.

Now in 2010, million of the same people who once worshipped him have jumped ship and changed their minds about the man we call Obama. Why wouldn’t they have a change of Heart? They’ve lost their homes, jobs and their trust in the man who was supposed to lead our country out of a horrific recession. In fact, as of May 17th only 27% according to Rasmussen approve of him! 

We’re all in this rocky boat together; we need to join hands and remove Obama, Pelosi, Reid and a tub full of Democrats. It really doesn’t take rocket scientists to see that more of the same ole stuff called “redistribution” has shown its ugly head in 2010.

There remains a large number of “rats in our icebox” and we need to start removing them (one rat at a time) in November 2010 or before. Let’s restore our Nation’s once strong foundation, live by our Constitution, regain our freedom, protect our Military, get our government on a strict budget and use any available monies to pay down our National Deficit. America can once again become “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”

Little T-Boca says, “Take Back Our Country America.”

May God Bless America