SUNS - The Problem Not The Solution

What do you suppose Steve Nash and team will do if they happen to be on a flight with a terrorist whose intention is blowing up their plane?  Will they sigh a sigh of relief, if our authorities apprehend this person during the process of committing a heinous crime?  Or will they continue the stance that our authorities are overstepping their boundaries and this person in question should not be questioned or apprehended.  We all know the answer to that question – a terrorist is a terrorist regardless of race.

The key word here is a person who is caught committing a crime or in the process of committing an act of violence against citizens of America.  The new immigration law in Arizona isn’t about profiling, racism or treading on one’s civil rights.  This law was implemented with one thing in mind and one thing only and that was for the protection of all legal citizens in Arizona and our Nation.    

It’s hard to grasp the mindset of those who are boycotting or protesting this law and one must deduct that either they’re uninformed or attempting to divide the troops so to speak.  First and foremost we have a “God” given duty to protect our families and young – but to listen to those who oppose this law you would think there first concern was protecting the terrorists or criminals who have crossed the border and infiltrated our United States.

Mr. Nash and team obviously pulled out the “Race Card” to enhance their political strategy.  Notice that the Suns didn’t express their sympathy for our law enforcement officers who lost their lives due to illegal aliens, nor did they offer their condolences for the rancher’s family when he was killed by drug smugglers.  Nor, did he mention the 100’s who die in our desert due to what we call human trafficking.  No they bi-passed the real story and wrote their own front page headline for a few moments of fame. 

What message did Mr. Nash send to those young ones who idolize him and vow to follow in his footsteps?  In reality, he denounced their home state, called the law misguided (Obama’s exact words) and actually joined the evil world of propaganda.  Nash and the Suns team should have given our governor the courtesy and respect of studying the 1070 law before making such an erroneous decision.

Next, Steve might have discussed the illegal alien problem in a different light, encouraging our Federal government to give us assistance on our borders, which by the way Obama promised the Latinos that this would be accomplished in 2009. Mr. Nash, there are always two sides to each story and one must come to the table with solutions and act in a responsible manner.

Here’s a response from a prominent citizen in Arizona, “I’m Hispanic and I’ve served my country proudly in Vietnam and I can tell you I’ve never been pulled over because I’m brown. I’ve been pulled over for speeding and presented my driver’s license and had no problems. Our state is under siege and we need to do something to turn this around before it’s too late.” 

Al Garza commented on the immigration law in response to Luis Gutierrez’s usual “poor me” attitude.  Mr. Garza isn’t the only Hispanic Arizona resident to acknowledge the illegal alien problem and hopefully many more will step forward offering our Governor, law enforcement officers a helping hand in solving the problem.

 Mr. Gutierrez has in fact been responsible for much of the discontent in Latino neighborhoods.  Chicago Luis Gutierrez’s latest demands coming from Chicago, attempting to influence the internal Arizona affairs, demonstrate the new liberal ‘November fear syndrome’ and will not end with Arizona. 

This is one person who backs the criminals and their violent activity, regardless of race.  He’s known for half truths, no truth and propaganda!   Could it be that our Latino friends are under the influence of corrupt politicians, civil rights activists, and the Liberal news media? 

Mr. Garza’s response addressed the problem bringing solutions to the table and Mr. Gutierrez did nothing but, misled and confused those who oppose the immigration law.  As I said earlier, there are two sides to the story Steve and actually you’ve missed both of them. 

Little T-Boca (Annie)

May God Bless Our Nation

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