Obama's Most Recent Report Card

The Obama Report Card is beginning to look a lot like the days of old when he supposedly attended Columbia University or his Senate tardiness and inability to vote on critical issues.  Obama is sort of missing in action!  

He’s scored way below average in Presidential leadership 101, in fact he’s flunked this course and Pelosi, Reid, Axelrod and peers are struggling as they try to monitor his tardiness, poor grades and belligerent attitude. 

Many Democrats are now questioning the recent passing of the Healthcare Reform, Obama’s feeble foreign relation policies, his negligence in the December terrorist attack and the latest the oil spill.  They are having problems staying on the same page as Obama and every time they think they’ll got it right – he uses them as his dumping grounds.  For instance, the promises in 2009 made by Obama to the Latinos on the immigration problems have grown to gigantic proportions; Pelosi, Reid and fellow Democrats are left to pick up the pieces.

So the stance Democrats take is pretty much the magician trick with the bunny coming out of the hat – they magically turn the bunny’s hat into a dunce cap and use the race card, Bush Administration, FOX news, Republicans, the tea parties or town hall meetings as their excuse for Obama blunders.  Americans have grown weary of the lies, misrepresentations and false promises coming from the Democratic camp – we are the people and we’ve used our voice to no avail. 

The illegal alien problem is but one more horrific headache for the Democrats. Obama has added fuel to the fire by blaming Jan Brewer, Arizona’s governor for illegal alien problems.  As is his style, no solutions, but he’s always got a pocket full of blame that he freely hands out as he merrily makes his rounds throughout the White House. 

The Democrats can vouch for the fact that Obama is always tardy in his decision making and his extreme left agenda has caused major fallouts within the Democratic Party.  Stupak was but one of their fall guys and the list keeps growing!

Democrats must view the past 16 months as an exercise in futility – every time they bravely support their leader, he makes a sharp left turn and leaves them holding the bag.  He’s flunked in his promises of putting the country back on track economically. 

He’s flunked on the execution of the Stimulus Bill, HAMP, HARP, TARP and the Healthcare Reform; one might think this President has ADD because he has major problems when it comes to fulfilling his many promises to Americans.

He forgot jobs, downsizing the government, elimination of earmarks, the immigration reform, budget and most of all Obama’s runaway spending has endangered our country for years to come.  His lack of accountability remains a mystery to all, but should we really be surprised; this is a way of life or mode of operation for this man.  Most of all, he’s forgotten the citizens of America and that will be his downfall!

As Always, Little T-Boca

May God Bless Our Nation and Our Children

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