Obama - The President of Slice and Dice

Slice and dice refers to Barack Obama’s misuse of taxpayers’ money – this is a proven theory that actually creates bigger government and redistribution of our money.  Starting in 2009 we can see the actual birth of the “slice and dice” era. 

Oh yes, remember the stimulus bill when we bailed out those who were corrupt or at least very unqualified stewards of our money. Obama gleefully sliced and diced the stimulus bill until it looks somewhat like a pile of mush covered with jellybeans and syrup, but one thing we know it wasn’t used as promised to stimulate the economy and create jobs. 

Next came the HARP, TARP, HAMP, Cash for Clunkers – all of these Obama creations were not created for the benefit of our hard working Americans.  If one should take time to research these bills, you will find they are defunct programs that just scammed Americans, once again.

The HAMP bill, which I was exposed to; it was an absolutely a flop – very few homeowners received actual loan modifications.  Most of the lenders chosen to implement this program are in law suits up to their hips or just padding their bottom line a bit more.

TARP is another farce that is nothing more than one more burden on the taxpayer. It may have rescued some of the corrupt banking systems, but it didn’t offer any wide based benefits to taxpayers, nor did it actually give our financial institutions real stability. So a quick analysis shows us that the pie (baked with taxpayers money) doesn’t include the hard working Americans who keep our country functioning.   

So the President of “Slice and Dice” just slam dunked the healthcare reform thru, which is proving to be the mother of all Obama reforms. Even Democrats are unable to grasp the poorly constructed reform – they are struggling due to this in their upcoming elections. 

No matter how the healthcare reform is sliced – the taxpayer will be the one picking up the pieces and paying for this atrocity. So if you look at the Obama Pie, you’ll find the pie is sliced into three pieces; (1) Bigger government, (2) Redistribution, and (3) Unbridled spending.

Taxpayers also were dunned 600 ml for government fleet vehicles, about 650 ml for digital TV converter box coupons and somewhere in the range of 21ml to re-sod the Washington monument National Mall (I do believe those who’ve been sitting on their fannies for years might consider taking on this job.) 

Many millions are still going out the back door for safe sex programs in schools – maybe parents should get back to the old fashioned parenting of “yester years” and take that job out of the schools hands!  

For me, I say pitch Obama’s pie and lets “ Take Back Our Country America.”  Little T-Boca

May God Bless America