Calling All Latinos - Obama Is Blindsiding You Again

Calling all Latinos, please don’t allow the Obama Administration, Civil Rights Advocates, paid protestors and the politically inclined sway your head this time.  Here’s three things that we residents of Arizona know; (1) Our children, grandchildren and all citizens of Arizona have been placed in harm’s way by the drug cartel, those trafficking human beings, and other crimes such as robbery or holding us hostage, (2) Our Governor signed this bill for the good of all who reside in our State, and (3) If you allow a few bad eggs to turn your heads, we all know that “divided we fall.” 


As a 70 year old grandmother of seven, I’ll stand beside you or walk with you to talk with our Governor to address your concerns, but don’t ask me to buy into the corrupt news media or a few politicians that are bad eggs. Nor, will I protest this bill with a bunch of paid protestors shipped into our State.  Our Governor, Jan Brewer signed this bill to protect all of us and surely you realize that we all are in danger. 


It would take only one or two brave Latino leaders who want a safer haven for all of us to work with the Governor, law enforcement officers and to join hands with the next door neighbor (regardless of race) in an effort to stop the horrific crimes that are occurring daily in Arizona. 


The Democrats are once again misusing and abusing you, my friends – please take a stand for your children, grandchildren and your families.  Ask the governor to dissect the law she just signed, explain it and then let’s go after the “Bad Guys,” they’re not welcome on our turf!


Take a peek at the our ex governors (Janet Napolitano) take on Arizona’s illegal alien problem and remember this person is our Federal Homeland Security Secretary.  Napolitano had the audacity to tell the Senate panel Tuesday that she has “deep concerns” with the law.  Napolitano said she fears it would siphon away resources that would otherwise be used to pursue individuals who commit major crimes while in the country illegally.

What a stupid remark for Napolitano to make – Arizona is talking about those who commit major crimes while in the country illegally. If Napolitano, Obama, Holder, the Civil Rights Activists and a few corrupt politicians had completed their homework, they would realize that the new bill prohibits profiling and definitely will not harm any ones “Civil Rights.”


If they would have researched the illegal immigrant issue in Arizona, here is what they would have found for the year 2009.  This is statistics released by the “Maricopa County, Arizona District Attorney’s office for 2009.  Remember illegal aliens represent about 9% of the population in Maricopa County and they’re responsible for over 22 % of these crimes


33.5% of those sentenced for manufacture, sale or transport of drugs.
35.8% of those sentenced for kidnapping.
20.3% of those sentenced for felony DUI.
16.5% of those sentenced for violent crimes.
18.5% of those sentenced for property crimes.
44% of those sentenced for forgery and fraud.
85.3% of those convicted of criminal impersonation or false ID.
96% of those convicted of human smuggling.


Take a look at but another day of “Socialism” showing it’s ugly fangs; (1) Our Latino friends and neighbors are buying into the Obama propaganda, (2) Obama, Holder, Napolitano and gang just want the Latino votes (nothing more,) and (3) The corrupt news media is squalling racist, profiling and Civil Rights and they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about…


It’s time to quit playing the corrupt political games as established by the Obama Administration and take care of American Citizens.  As I said earlier, it will take one or two strong, honest Latino leaders to step forward to help solve Arizona’s problem and I’m anxiously waiting to hear from you. 


Little T-Boca (Annie)


May God Bless America