To My Latino Friends - Together We Can Solve The Problem

Now, Obama has played the Civil Right shenanigans again, wouldn’t you think that one time in his short Administration he would be man enough to get something right.  Is it stupidity that creates this lapse of common sense or is it but another ploy to suck in our friends the Latinos once again; he used them in 2008 and he’s trying to make them the guinea pigs once again in 2010. Jan Brewer our governor signed a tough immigration bill that may in fact save many lives. 

There are too many wonderful Latino friends out there who fear for their safety and their children’s safety.  They know exactly why Jan Brewer had to sign the immigration bill.  The Mexican Drug cartels are firmly planted throughout our Nation; these cartels are uniting with American street gangs, which give them strength in numbers.  Unlike the false tales from some of the news media, the problem exists in all the states of the Union, not just in Arizona and Texas.

Arizona is actually the stomping grounds of the Original Mexican Mafia and another faction sometimes called the New Mexican Mafia – they control a many billion dollar drug enterprise throughout the United States, but remember their home is presently in Arizona. 

The cartels are in the State of Arizona, fighting turf wars and endangering citizens – this isn’t about race it’s about groups of drug dealers having turf wars in our backyard.  Mexico houses the main suppliers of meth, marijuana and a huge portion of heroin; the cartels have infiltrated our borders and they have no intention of quietly packing up their bags and returning home.  Our government knows about the problems Border States are encountering, but they have ignored our repeated requests for help.  

As we speak the cartels are taking over many of the smaller towns in Mexico demanding money and killing men, women and children.  Arizona wants to remove those involved or connected to the cartels and street gangs.  This isn’t about race, profiling or tampering with anyone’s Civil Rights – this is about a group of terrorists that unwelcome on our turf. 

Possibly the passing of the immigration law will help our law officers get a handle on this situation that is totally out of control.  Many of these cartels run operations called “Drugs for Guns,” so now you know how the drug lords have formed a formidable army.  Instead of all the “hoopla” from uninformed politicians, movie stars and rabble rousers, why has Arizona been left to fend for themselves? 

These cartels have taken our people captive, demanded ransoms, kill officers and recently killed a rancher and his dog.  This rancher was a man who’d always given a helping hand to the aliens who wanted to live in the land of the free. 

In 2009, 11 men were found mutilated in an Arizona Van  many of the men had been dismembered, and this is only one of many crimes committed by the cartels; they are armed, want to reside in Arizona and killing is just second nature to them.  Money is their driver and unless we stop them soon, they will take over many of our Arizona towns.

So to all the Liberal news media, Obama Administration and extreme radicals don’t even think about threatening us with the race, profiling or Civil Rights card – your fairy tales and better than thou attitude is an expression of total ignorance.

The Latinos know what’s going on in our state and I don’t believe that those who are citizens of the United States really wish harm upon themselves or their loved ones.  We’re tired of playing the blame game – if you don’t have a solution for our problem then keep your mouths shut.  We are our brother’s keeper, but have terrorists in our backyard and we intend to remove them ASAP.

I pray that our Latino friends will gather with us and fight this evil force in Arizona, so we can once again have a safe haven for our children and grandchildren in Arizona.  We must quit listening to the propaganda and bring solutions to the table, not band aids. 

San Francisco has the nerve to threaten us with boycott – here’s a news flash for them; they have the same gangs and cartel throughout their beautiful state and sometime in the near future they’ll be crying for help.

Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), is requesting that businesses boycott his home state of Arizona – how dumb can you get when our state is struggling from a recession. Is this the type of person we want for a leader or representative of our state?   One would think that Raul would be helping us find real solutions to our dilemma, but obviously he feels no allegiance to his country or his state. 

Obama is trying to play divide the troops again like he did in his campaign in 2008 – remember that was when he took all Latino voters and our youth under his wing and promised them the moon.  Hopefully, the Latino communities throughout our country will see through his ploy and choose the right path this time. 

As Always, (Little T-Boca) Annie