Robert Gibbs - Master of Journalistic Confusion

Mr. Gibbs is unpredictable, usually a little confused and definitely a master of propaganda.  When asked a question, you can expect an off the wall comment, many times the press receives some “slap Stick’ comedy which has nothing to do with anything. He considers himself an eloquent speaker and Obama’s best friend.  Take a minute to listen to some of his answers to very serious questions.

When the White House news media questioned him about transparency, he assured them that the Obama Administration was the most transparent of any administration in our history and he glibly laughed as he made that statement – so did the reporters, because they thought he was bordering on lunacy! 

Gibbs rambled on about the transparency issue explaining that the White House uses You-Tube, Facebook and that he likes to Tweet daily.  Basically he feels there is no need for news conferences because the White House now controls the news deciding what is released, when it is released and who will receive the news of the day.  The New York Times seems to be the only reporters with clout; all others are ignored, made fun of and hung out to dry.

So news that trickles out of the White House according to Gibbs is totally censored, edited and regurgitated before it falls on Americans’ ears.  It’s hard to believe anyone would brag about this, but good ole Gibbs is mighty proud of the way news is handled. 

Gibbs has hard and fast rules for the White House News Media and he refuses to answer questions that he considers offensive, in fact I believe all questions for Gibbs must be presented to him well in advance of the news conference.  Watch his body language, he’s obviously on a short fuse and tends to lose his cool frequently. 

 His definition of offensive is anything that requires a hard “Yes or No” answer.   The news from Gibbs is full of bad puns, misinformation and he constantly brings up FOX and Limbaugh; they are apparently a thorn in his side.  Grow up Gibbs, get over yourself – it’s the real world out there and darn it there just happens to be two sides to every story. 

So America if it’s answers you want, don’t ask Gibbs, because what you get is a mix between fantasy and garbage.  Mr. Gibbs is a master of journalistic confusion; he’s unable to think on his feet and can’t stand anyone who pressures him for an answer.  

Mr. Gibbs hasn’t done Obama any big favors here; he’s been one watch dog that has obviously and with deliberation alienated the good “Ole Taxpayer.”  The majority of Americans disapprove of the one they call “Obama.” Mr. Gibbs has created a vicious disconnect between the President and the people.  Someone might take him aside and tell him this, “We Are the People and We Are Going to Take America Back.”  Scoop on the street Gibbs, unemployment lines are long, very long and not many employers are looking for a professional liar.