Obama's Job Approval Drops to 32%

Here we are on April 4th, 2010 Easter for many of us and for a small minority, it’s just another day.  Today according to the Rasmussen polls only 32% of Americans approve of the way Obama is fulfilling his role as President.  53% of the voters trust the Republicans over the Democrats and 54% want the Healthcare Reform repealed.

The over whelming majority of Americans don’t believe the figures that the CBO has produced, they feel there will be a huge increase in our National Deficit along with the middle class being hit with the brunt of the cost.  So how and why did we allow this reform to sneak thru and become law?

Possibly we were too busy collecting material possessions in an attempt to keep up with the Joneses, but most likely the reform passed due to our complacency and trust in our public officials.  Now, Democrats are just beginning to see light and many are concerned about the repercussions that are starting to surface due to the passing of this healthcare reform.

According to Rasmussen, “A plurality of Democrats believes the health-care plan will increase the deficit and a majority says it will likely mean higher middle-class taxes. At a time when voters say that reducing the deficit is a higher priority than health-care reform, these numbers are hard to ignore.  April 4, 2010, Wall Street Journal, Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen

All Americans remember Obama’s promises in January 2009, he promised jobs, smaller government, reduction of earmarks and tax cuts for 95% of all Americans.  Today, we’re encumbered with extremely high unemployment, over 4 million homes in foreclosure, stimulus money misspent and now in 2010 we’re facing inevitable problems with this new healthcare reform.

Hopefully the 13 or 14 Attorney Generals who filed lawsuits, just minutes after the signing of the healthcare reform will succeed in proving that the healthcare reform is unconstitutional, but in all probability that’s not going to happen.

Our Supreme Court reins as a Liberal majority and they probably are once again going to fiddle with our Constitution and change the laws.  The White House is making flat statements via the news media, that the lawsuit will not be successful. When talking about repeal, Obama keeps repeating, “Go for it.” 

It’s apparent that there has been communication between the White House and Supreme Court or they wouldn’t dare make a statement like that…  Here is the scenario that may play out if the Court judges in favor of the White House Healthcare reform; this means every state in the Union will succumb to Obamanism and more of our freedoms will be stripped from us.

We can place our Nation back on its once strong foundation as, “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.”  Replace the “Slice and Dice” Administration that has brought us to our knees.  “May God Bless America”