Take Back Our Country America

Distract them, create racial unrest, remove their rewards, spread the wealth and grow the government.  That is what Obama and gang are doing right in front of our eyes and the old saying is, ‘first time shame on you and second time shame on me.”  We can’t blame anyone but ourselves if we buy into “Obamanism” the second time. 


It’s a smokescreen, illusion that is used to divert the attention of Americans.  Don’t buy into the Obama theatrics anymore.  Keep our eyes on the ball, continue with the tea parties, town hall meeting, blogs, strengthening our family units and work towards a better tomorrow.


Obama spent 2009 creating diversions for Americans, a misused stimulus bill, many programs that were poorly orchestrated along with promises made but broken.

What we have been exposed to the past 15 months is a corrupt Administration preparing us for the “road to socialism.” 


Now in 2010, we’re getting more of the same ole, same ole – the oil exploration on the coast doesn’t equate to more jobs or better fuel prices; it is merely a ploy to buy time while Obama starts the next reforms for illegal liens and creates a bigger government.   


We need to ruthlessly insist on our agenda, smaller government, transparency, removal of earmarks, a budget that will start paying back the National Deficit and real jobs. We must stop the runaway spending and take back our government by regaining our voice! 


If we concentrate on these things, our economy will start to rebound, but if we are distracted with Obama’s games – 2010 will be another repeat of 2009.  This is a time in our lives that we must put personal preferences behind and work together to restore our economy and place our Nation back on its once strong foundation.


Probably the best way to make the tough calls at this time is to get our ducks all in a row.  Without jobs, the recession will not improve noticeably, with bigger government we will lose even more of our freedoms and if the uncontrolled spending continues we will face a depression. We must stand up for our country and make 2010 the year that Americans took back their government and monitored daily those who work for us… 


We are the people and we need a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It’s our duty to leave America a safe and secure haven for our children and the next generations.


Tboca says, remember the Nazarene and his small group of people – they changed the world!  Everyone needs to vote in November and we need to be vetting candidates as we speak.



May God Bless Our Nation