Those Who Play The "Race Card"

The Fox certainly does present both sides of the story and I listen as republicans, liberalists, ex politicians, Democrats and people from all political venues present their side of the story. But, my quest for news is probably unlike most Americans; I’m trying to figure out how Socialism sneaked in our back door right in front of our eyes.

Those who are faithful followers of Obama seem to remain true to his cause and they truly believe in big government, more taxation, controlling the corporate world and spreading the wealth.  They are died in the wool liberalists and darn proud of it! Where do they see themselves if we evolve into a Socialistic Nation?  How do these people handle controversy? 

When did Alan Colmes head down the Liberalist path and why?  Today, Alan pulled out the “race card” again, which seems to always be the Liberals’ ace in the hole. Alan attributes our dislike for the corruption in our government as strictly driven by “racism.” According to Rasmussen on March 31, 2010, only 33% of Americans approve of Obama’s job performance.

Now Alan, let’s think this thru a little bit – could Americans be irritable and angry because they were promised jobs and that didn’t happen.  Homeowners were promised assistance and that didn’t happen – over 4 million homes will be foreclosed in 2010, twice that of foreclosures in 2009. 

Could America’s unrest result from Obama and fellow Democrats jamming a healthcare reform down our throats when we said “No.’ Maybe the reason Americans have a deep distrust for the present Obama Administration is due to the many promises made and broken.  No jobs, higher unemployment, bigger government, no transparency, unbridled spending by the Democratic Party and the list just keeps rambling on…

Later in this evening, I listened to AL Sharpton (civil rights activist) arguing with O’Reilly about the tea partiers.  Al said there was a tape showing the tea parties were using the “N” word and as an afterthought he says, “there are some racist tea leaves” in the tea party.  Al, one would think your slurs about the tea party are pretty much, “the pot calling the kettle black.”

On March 21, 2010 – the news showed the Democrats accusing the tea partiers of using the “N” word as the Black Caucus walks to the Capital, but no tape, no evidence just propaganda once again.  Most of the news media grabbed this tidbit from the Democrats and yelled “Racism.” 

Pelosi accused tea partiers of heckling her – Barney Frank was counting how many times the ”N” word was used and again I say nothing was on tape or video – one must think this was a figment of their imagination.  No matter what the subject is, the liberalists give the feeble excuse of “racism.”  Do they really believe this, absolutely not…

Liberalists are pros in diverting Americans’ attention – that is one of the strongest ploys used by Socialists.  They know the Healthcare Reform would enrage the majority of our Nation, so they needed to play the “race card” again in an effort to derail us.

As time marches on, let’s observe Obama and gangs approach to the illegal alien issue – we dare not comment or argue with the government on their new illegal alien reform, racism is their “trump” card on all political issues. The Obama Administration have all their ducks in one row and they are strategically prepared to spread or redistribute the wealth.

First came the backbreaking stimulus bill misused by government, next piece of the puzzle was a healthcare reform that increase our National Deficit trillions of dollars and finally any day now we will be hearing about taking all illegal aliens under our wing and giving them a free ride. 

As for this grandmother of 70, I want both sides of the story and FOX provides journalists, commentators, politicians from all walks of life as I continue my quest for the truth. 

May God Bless America