OBAMA'S Snuckers

Some probably don’t know what a “snucker” is, so here’s the definition from a grandmother of 7.  One who sneaks behind closed doors, bribes, pays off or threatens a public official in order to get a specific response. 


To date, we know there’s 216 snuckers hanging out at our White House, redistributing our money, our jobs, our healthcare as we toddle down the twisted path of Socialism. 


Obama, Pelosi and Reid are the ones who take their flock and hide behind closed doors passing a healthcare reform bill that none of us could read or understand and a Stimulus Bill that has been misused from the gecko!


In fact Pelosi and Obama were the ones that insisted the healthcare reform be passed immediately even though, both acknowledged they didn’t know exactly what was in the reform.  Wonder, who wrote this reform???


Pelosi said pass it quickly, because none of us know what’s in the Healthcare reform.  She’s not only the Speaker of the House; she’s Obama’s hatchet person and the one that always cries wolf if she doesn’t get her way!


Reid said after the bill was passed, as he was introducing Obama, “This is a big F—— deal when discussing the healthcare reform.  Yep, he dropped the F- Bomb on National TV in front of God and fellow Americans and he doesn’t even know what’s in the reform.  How shallow can you get?


Pelosi, Reid and Obama the three chief “Snuckers” bought their “yes” votes from fellow Dems, met with the Unions and threw in some sugar n’ spice insuring their backing and then tossed in a variety of sweetheart deals to sweeten the “Pig Pot.”


Today March 27, 2010 the big “O” waited until the Senate took a time out for a brief recess and pitched the recess appointment tool at us and selected 15 new administrative appointees.  Now if that isn’t sneaking, what is???


Of course the President of Blame responded by naming Republicans as the reason he implemented the recess appointment too, but he neglected to tell you that the Republicans followed due process and sent him a total of 40 plus letters asking that “Becker” (a top gun for the Unions) not be appointed.

The Republicans followed proper procedure, but “Big Obama” disregarded the letters as usual and used the “Snucker Card” to place these 15 appointees in government until the end of 2011. 


Don’t give up Americans, ask the Republicans to follow up on all of these 15 men and women with stringent background checks.  Many will fall by the wayside like flies if you but ask for the vetting.  Be patient, demand that our voice be heard once again, persevere because Americans are resilient and can regain control of the Nation. 


 “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”  John Quincy Adams


“May God Bless Our Nation, Our Children and Prepare A Safe Place For Generations to Come” – As Always, Little T-Boca