Conspiracy Or Slip Of The Pen

Before you make a decision about possibilities of a conspiracy or an honest mistake, lets figure out who the CBO really is working for and if there latest glitch was actually an error or was there two sets of books all of the time.

The speaker of the house and president pro tempore of the Senate get to pick and choose what person who will best be suited to adjust and change figures as needed – or at least that is the information that’s raised its ugly head in March 2010.  Who is really in charge of the CBO – Obama, Pelosi and Reid or CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf?

Well as the story goes our friends or is it their friends (Democrats) just made approximately 10 trillion dollar mistake when figuring Obama’s 20111 budget -our deficit just jumped from approximately 8 trillion to 10 trillion over night.  As Obama would probably say, “what’s a few trillion among friends?” Wait until we see the mistakes on the latest and greatest “healthcare reform!” 

The real scary part of this story is the part when CBO figured the cost of Obama’s healthcare reform, they tackled the almost impossible job of figuring costs for a reform that even Pelosi and Obama hadn’t read; neither one of them knew what exactly what was in the reform.  Pelosi said, “pass it quickly” because no one knows what’s in the healthcare reform.

So the CBO was asked to take gestimates, what ifs and maybes and place a calculated cost on the reform – and guess what the figures presented to America have very little to do with anything except.  This is only an exercise in futility a smokescreen to do more Obama dirt!

This wonderful healthcare reform rammed down our throats a few days ago is only a baby in diapers is preparing to create the worst financial mess in history.  Overnight after the signing of the reform all businesses big and small are being chewed up by the horrific burdens included in the healthcare reform. 

The medical world has been tossed on its head; they’re telling there isn’t any way to operate under the new dictates of this bill.  Seniors and those reaching retirement age have been axed by the Obama, Pelosi and Reid reform. 

Are the many mistakes by the CBO and Obama administration a conspiracy to send us down the evil road of socialism or was it truly a slip of the pen?  Only you can make that call

What we see is exactly what we will receive – bigger government, 16,000 new IRS employees to monitor your daily activities.  Spread the wealth, taking from all businesses and putting our hard earned money into the hands of our handlers, not into the hands of the poor.

More social programs which of course are monitored and government controlled.  Entrepreneurship has a noose around its neck – the American Dream has been taken away from our Nation.  Higher taxes, stiffer regulations on smaller businesses pretty much stifle the dream.

Americans have been slow at grasping the present so called Obama magic, because we opted for change, but not the kind of change that was handed out in 2009 and 2010.  Now we realize that our freedoms in a very short period of time have are being snatched by a very corrupt, evil group of people.  

Buyer beware, the illegal alien problem will hit us below the belt, because we’re dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t.  If we don’t agree with Obama and gang on this problem, we will merely be called racists.  They already have the format in place for the illegal alien problem and we will take what they give us, like it or not. 

Let’s start by replacing those who are harming our Nation – return our government to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

May God Bless America