Only Bart Stupak Knows The End Of The Story

We haven’t heard the end of the story – maybe sometime soon Mr. Stupak will step forward and regain the respect that our Nation bestowed upon him.  Bart Stupak, was his own man, not afraid of the devil himself; he’s been a strong voice for all in his fight for “pro life.” 

Mr. Stupak met his match; on March 20th he was sequestered and had a meeting with the devil.  Like the country western song by Charlie Daniels, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia Looking for a Soul to Steal.”  Mr. Stupak met with the devil behind closed doors at the White House. 

Only Bart knows the rest of the story and having followed his political career for a long time,  the best guess would be he was threatened.  Obama, Pelosi or Reid knew something way back in his past and they probably blackmailed him.  Bart isn’t a coward, nor traitor, but he is human and humans fall many times in their lifetime and for some reason he made the biggest mistake of his lifetime.

That was the night Mr. Stupak sold his soul, conscience and political career all in one sitting!  Americans will not forget or forgive him and history will probably refer to the healthcare bill as the “Stupak Crime against Infants.”  In closing, Mr. Stupak acknowledges that the executive order signed by Obama had no legal significance and couldn’t change the law – he also knew Obama could change the executive order at the drop of a hat. 

Hopefully, Mr. Stupak will rethink his actions on the 21st of March and step forward and fight this corrupt government, not just for pro life, but for all high crimes that have been committed in order to get the reform passed. 

None of us know or can imagine how Mr. Stupak was coerced but one thing is apparent, he was either paid off or threatened, because he was one of the greatest advocates for pro life in our Nation. 

Personally, I don’t think he willingly sold his soul – logic tells me he was black mailed due to some mistake made many years ago and he was afraid of being exposed.   Hopefully, the “Real Mr. Stupak” will stand up for his Nation, family and fellow Americans. 

May God Bless Our Nation