One Nation Under "GOV" No Jobs-Foreclosures-Higher Taxes For All

 For those who have anxiously watched the Healthcare Reform rolled out behind closed doors, it appears the Democrats have once again with a vengeance thumbed their nose at Americans. As the story evolves we are told that none of the major amendments presented by Republicans have been accepted – this is truly the sign of Socialism. 

Why would any of our representatives deny these amendments? Let’s briefly review them and see what was presented to the Democrats as positive changes in a bipartisan manner. Could their reasons be “spreading the wealth and big government?”

Mr. Obama just hours ago in a speech Iowa City is making obvious threats against the Republican Party stating their repeal of the Healthcare Reform in November would harm small business owners and raise their taxes. His message, which is quite shallow and not much of a platform for a leader is, “Go For It.”  In other words, boys and girls this is God speaking – just go for it!”

It takes guts, to insinuate that the Republicans would do anything to harm small businesses or that they have any intention of raising their taxes. Obama even chastised a young man at the Rally and saying if you think it’s a bad bill, run appeal, go for it!   Obama is showing more and more his inability to speak to Americans. Not only has he turned a deft ear to the American response of “No” to the healthcare reform, now he is starting to show his fangs. 

Look at the amendments proposed by the Republicans; no one man, women or child would object to reform that was for their well being and freedom. The Republicans amendments were for all Americans to provide a safe haven and reduce the unnecessary burdens of such extreme financial debt on our Nation as the Healthcare Reform imposes.
 Rescind 500 Billion in Medicare cuts to protect the baby boomers over the next 10 years and insure they would have affordable medical coverage.  That’s a good thing and seniors surely deserve to be included.

2.       Eliminate all sweetheart deals that were strictly used to buy a Democrat’s vote. Wow, whats to say here – we’re paying out of both pockets for the deals used to buy Democrats’ votes

3.       Strip the tax increases to the American making 200,000 or less, which was only enforcing Obama’s original promise of “No Tax Increase.”  Obama should be man enough to stick to his promises!

4.       Require Obama and Congress to utilize the Healthcare reform themselves – what’s good for the “Goose is good for the gander.”

Essentially the Republicans were looking out for all Americans and upholding the Constitution protecting individual freedom. Without our freedom in tact – we will be “One Nation Under Gov With No Jobs, Foreclosures and Higher Taxes for All.”   This certainly isn’t a good time to take “God” out of the picture!

May God Bless Our Nation