Who Sold Their Children and Future Generations for a Pittance

It’s so sad to see that many Americans who were standing up for their country and their children have jumped ship for once again idle promises.  They are actually falling in line with “Socialism,” for a few berries in their basket they have decided to be under government control. 

Here’s are a few  things that you must consider:  (1) You’ve sold your soul to the devil, (2) You’ve kicked your kids and future generations to the curb, and (3) You will pay the rest of your lives for the mistake you’re about to make. 

What is it that many Americans don’t understand about “spreading the wealth?”   The stimulus bill, HAMP, TARP, Harp and Cash for clunkers along with the so called Healthcare Reform has given our government over 50% control of our lives. 

So don’t even think that you will be immune to higher taxes, less medical assistance, funding abortion and the IRS meddling in your personal affairs on a monthly basis.  Doctors will walk and there won’t be enough physicians left to wipe your fanny or blow your nose.

The Democrats were very sly and knew some of you would succumb if they but dangled some candy! The “Snuckers” Obama, Pelosi and Reid just snuck the biggest most costly reform in all of our history and made it law. 

Will this reform create jobs?  Absolutely not, small and big businesses will struggle with the impending costs of this bill and will have no choice but to lay off more of their employees.   Will seniors be safe and secure now that this new reform has passed? 

The Baby boomers will suffer due to the money that will be removed from Medicare and those looking forward to their golden years have just been dropped on their heads.  Remember our doctors, surgeons and physicians have no choice but to leave their profession. 

Regardless of the executive order by Obama, which was merely an act of crooked politics, abortion will be funded out the backdoor of the White House and if one would ask Mr. Stupak now, I think he would say, “I’ve sold out to the most corrupt government in history and I will regret this impulsive act the rest of my life.”

Americans, if you’re willing to lose your freedom, liberty and justice for all and some of you appear most willing to trade your children’s lives and you freedom for a little tokens from the Democrats.    

For you, I say get off your fanny, get a life and uphold your constitution – in other words get a job, pay for your own benefits and quit thinking that American citizens owe you a living. 

Americans also don’t need to be taught how to give. We don’t need to be taught how to take care of each other or how to be charitable. Glenn Beck

We are our brother’s keeper, this is evident in the help we give those suffering from Haiti, Chili, Katrina and for all the programs that we’ve supported for those who truly are disabled or unable to work, but no one is entitled to a “free ride.”  You are the ones who don’t know where your children are at any given time, expect the schools to raise your kids and demand that the government gives you more, more and more.  This Healthcare Reform has nothing to do with taking care of our brothers – it is about big government via spreading the wealth. 

May God Bless America