Healthcare Reform - The Bridge to Socialism

How much are we willing to pay for “change?”   How many years will our children and grandchildren suffer for our inability to budget and manage our Nation?  Americans must accept the many mistakes made and they must start today to clean out and clean up their government.  We hired these corrupt politicians, now as their employer we need to give them their walking papers. 

But, first let’s discuss the ones who fought to pass the Healthcare Reform and find out the real reasons why March 21st, 2010 will go down in history as the true beginning of big government.  The reform has been iced and butter coated, we are buying a “sugar coated cake full of poison.”   We are trading our liberty and freedom for a pack of lies that will lead to a “depression” unless drastic changes are made in the way we’re being governed. 

Some jump at the perks and amenities in this reform, they listen of better days ahead and seem to think that Uncle Sam has a mouse in his pocket who’ll jump up and pay for all of this, but that’s not the way it will happen.   

Big companies, small companies, entrepreneurs will pay “Uncle Sam” or else, 17,000 IRS watchdogs will be on your doorstep monthly to insure you’re coughing up the money to subsidize this frivolous healthcare reforms. 

Seniors will suffer huge setbacks in their healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid will be destroyed one piece at a time.  Students will be under the control of the government and they better have deep pockets because they will be the ones paying for their educational perks. 

Young adults who remain on their parents insurance policies will have a free ride, but only for a short time.  Their parents will pay up front and the young adults will be left to pick up the pieces of this broken system for many years to come.  This is a form of cancer that is contagious and will attack all Americans literally on a daily basis. 

No one is getting off scot free with this healthcare reform, each one of us will be controlled and under the control of a government who has gone from governing to highway robbery; remember if it looks too good to be true, than it isn’t true!  Freedom and liberty as we know it today will be nonexistent, because we’re headed rapidly down the path of “Socialism.”

We are being exploited by a small group of people who concentrate on government power and wealth.  What we will experience from this day on is “social intervention,” we will be the workabees and the government will take over the role of taskmaster. 

The ironic thing about this evolution is the Americans advocating this type of socialistic reform will join the ranks of those controlled by their government; it’s apparent that they don’t understand the end results of this type of government control!

Those Democrats backing this reform will suffer setbacks beyond one’s imagination.  They will be the ones who are stripped of all human dignity; they’ve sold out their Nation and their souls belong to the devil.  What goes around does come around and their short lived fame will diminish into a cloud of smoke.   

For those who are in denial, here are a few things that are etched in stone.  Government control and intrusion on this day is well over 40%.  If the Healthcare reform becomes law, the government will have approximately 50 % control over Americans;  no longer a government of the people, by the people or for the people.

Freddie and Fanny will be totally under government control in the near future.   The government TARP, HAMP, HARP, car companies, lending institutions  and various other programs are under government control; all of these reforms or bills have dug deeply into American’s pockets without true assistance to the taxpayer.  This is the way “spreading wealth” has shown its ugly head in 2009!

The stimulus bill is only the first major Obama step towards Socialism; it has been used for spreading the wealth and we reluctantly agreed to this bill, because jobs and stopping foreclosures were the promises.  

Today, our National Deficit remains out of control and our Nation’s credit rating is on the verge of dropping which will be disastrous.  We are experiencing bigger government, misused stimulus monies, no budget and some are raving fans of a healthcare reform that will shove us over the brink of no return.   

May God Bless America

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