The Plump Birdie Hasn't Sang Yet

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Is it really a race to the end or could the scrambling to pass the Obama Care actually be categorized as a political pot being stirred by Obama, Pelosi and Reid in an attempt to “Spread the Wealth?”

This isn’t a race – it’s a one sided Democratic power struggle to control Americans. The only participants running are those Democrats who worry about their country, their children and job security and they have been handicapped by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

No, one could qualify the political events taking place in our White House as a race – it’s a total disgrace that one small group of people can manipulate our constitutional laws redefine the laws left to us by our Forefathers.

It’s obvious that Americans have lost their voice and our government has gone from a government of the people, by the people and for the people to a government of the corrupt, by the socialists and for the devious outside interest groups.

Today, we’re not privy to the secrecy swept behind closed doors, we know the Unions, AARP, Lobbyists and certain states in our union are the beneficiaries of big pay offs and special deals. Our Nation is being controlled by some of the most corrupt people of all time, but we’ve allowed this to evolve due to our years of complacency and trust in our government.

Americans can and will fix this problem; we’re rallying, working collectively to regain our voice and we will restore our Nation to its once strong foundation. Although, predictions for Sunday the 21st 2010 are the passing of the Healthcare Reform, it’s not over until the plump birdie sings.

Don’t forget we have the best of the best on our side, if we but believe in God. All of us have hotlines to heaven and don’t forget to use them as we’re fighting for our country, our children and generations to come. By the way, although the plump birdie is starting to crow, he hasn’t found his singing voice yet!

May God Bless America