The "Snuckers" Are Back

Not too long ago, President Obama when referring to the healthcare reform admitted that a few “stray cats and dogs” had snuck into the Healthcare Reform bill.  Well, the strays are back and with them the whole cussed dogpound and all of their handlers, the “Snuckers.”
Hopefully, Webster won’t be offended that I created a new word “Snucker,” because there just wasn’t any other word that was appropriate.  Snucker is a person or persons sneaking around in the White House deliberately spending our money and destroying our lives. 
Lets start with “Snucker 1,” (Obama), if you check closely you’ll find him in an outright brawl with Israel.  He’s also in the campaign mode and flying around town like his shirtail is on fire.  The one thing he isn’t doing ladies and gentlemen, he isn’t listening to the people!  Tomorrow night, he’ll dawn his best bib and tucker, grab his teleprompter and the scuttlebut is – he’s meeting with the FOX. 
Don’t miss Bret Baier in action with Obama – I’ll bet on Bret anyday, because he will handle this interview professionally exposing both sides to this ancient, worn out Healthcare Reform. Our Pres has knuckled under the pressures of the Healthcare Reform and will be crawling to the FOX for comfort tomorrow; this is a sign of total desperation because we all know that The FOX was a thorn in his side during his 2008 campaign. 
FOX  did their job exposing his tactics to manipulate and fend off one of the most popular news venues FOX) in our time; the FOX refused to play his game of propagand bringing both sides of the story to the table.  So, one must wonder why Obama is meeting with the FOX.  There could be only one reason for this interview – Obama’s plagued Healthcare Reform has gone to the dogs or is it the cats.
While Snucker #1 is preparing for his debut at the FOX, Snucker #2 is trying her hardest to do reconciliation, or is it called deeming – me thinks Snucker #2 is snucking behind closed doors trying to purchase a healthcare reform.  Remember, money isn’t any object to this Snucker – if any Democrats have a price on their heads, she’ll own them before nightfall! 
May God Bless Our Nation and the “Snuckers”