Grandmother's Letter to Pelosi

Dear Nancy,

There are many things on my mind about your political shananigans and it is my opinion that you aren’t in tune with your country or fellow Americans.  To watch you in action is like watching a bad horror movie – when the mouth opens it’s a good bet that one more untruth will come spieling out.  I’m of the opinion there is so many untruths under your skirts, that you wouldn’t recognize the “truth” if it hit you in the fanny.

Falsehoods are a way of life for you and spending taxpayers money doesn’t cause you to lose any sleep at night.  You’ve expressed disgust with the tea parties, town hall meetings and insinuate daily that we (Americans) are clueless and rather stupid.  You’ve lost your way in politics and hopefully you’ll pack your bags and move out of the White House.  Let’s look at but a few of your shady mistruths…

You lied about the CIA briefing in 2002 and had the nerve to appear in front of our Nation and call CIA and the Bush Administration liars.  It takes one to know one, Pelosi and you probably could go down in the Guiness Book of Records as the biggest liar in all of American history with the exception of Obama. 

You lied about Massa and attempted to dodge that bullet, but it really didn’t work Nancy.  But, why discuss the past, let’s get to the present and discuss your many misrepresentations about Healthcare Reform.  Again, you have the guts to say that funding of abortion wasn’t in the health care reform and said Boehner’s statement was a lie.  Ben Nelsen was the one to disclose your blatant lies about abortion funding.  You state the reform will save taxpayers money and the cost attached to this bill hasn’t even been calculated yet!
Basically, you want a skeleton bill passed so you and your buds can doctor it up to suit yourselves.

 Lastly, you’ve lied many times about having the votes to pass the Healthcare Reform; all taxpayers know this is a lie or it would be a done deal.  So Nancy, now we hear from your lips, “just pass a bill, any ole bill will do” because no one knows what is in the bill anyway.

What a lie – the bill is probably etched on your fanny if truth were known.  Now Americans are hearing all of the devious alternatives that you and your watchdogs are jerking out of your hats in order to pass this reform.  Words, like reconciliation or deem and pass – this merely tells us another lie is in the pot.  There won’t be and up and down vote, if you can figure out how to prevent it!

So Pelosi, this grandmother of 70 has but one word for you  “liar.”  Thanks for listening, and by the way quit partying on our money, quit using our air force jet, quit lying and start acting like a proud citizen of the greatest country on earth. 

May God Bless America