Big Government Plus Big Spending = Disaster

Today I sat thinking about the many changes that have taken place in our United States. Some were very positive, but some changes by the “Meddlers, Peddlers and the Gov,” have been disastrous.  Everyone knows the ‘Gov, “but who are the meddlers and peddlers?Jay Leno made a remark several years ago that has remained in my heart – he posed a question to Americans, “Is now a good time to take God out of the picture?” Jay had a good reason for his concern!

Our forefathers from all walks of life and all religions (including atheists) knew that the only way our Nation would remain strong is simply this: “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.”

There were a few (only a few), mind you who disliked the laws set down by our forefathers and those few (the meddlers) have literally taken away our voice, our rights and our government is no longer a government by the people, for the people and of the people.

The meddlers are those who always have a fart cross ways and spend every waking minute creating what I refer to as a “New Norm.” A good example of this starts way back in 1963 when a handful of people, including some atheists decided prayer would be removed from the schools. So with the help of our Supreme Court the mission was accomplished.

During the same time the meddlers were creating havoc, a group I’ll call the “Peddlers” sneaked into our news media; their job was to sell the “New Norm” to the Nation and this type of news, which dominates many of our news stations daily, is better known as propaganda.

The government (Gov) was gradually infiltrated by the meddlers and peddlers; they have spent years creating big government.  Government by the people, for the people and of the people has long been relegated to the ancient history shelves.

The Obama Administration is the perfectly example of what big government means – Pelosi, Reid and Obama (the naughty triplets) have deliberately mispent our stimulus money, created costly ineffective programs such as TARP, HAMP, HARP, Cash for Clunkers and many other rebate programs that end up costing Americans more money.

Obama isn’t stupid and during his time in office, he’s created a bigger government. Under his watch we’ve seen private enterprises taken over, one of the biggest auto companies and some of the major lending institutions have our government reclining on their boards. He has spent much of our stimulus money under the table without our permission – the intention here was to “spread the wealth.”

Obama is here for two things only; (1) Spreading the Wealth, and (2) Gaining Government control over all Americans. Jay, I really don’t think now is a good time to take God out of the picture.        “May God Bless America “

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