Pelosi Is Yelling Wolf

This is one person who just can’t tend to business in an adult, professional manner; when the going gets rough she calls the “Big Dogs” out to save the day (for Nancy that is… ).  She’s turned on Rangel for breaking House gift rules!  Now she has her dogs and alley cats out chasing Massa, the American League of Voters, upcoming tea parties and she’s fighting with the Congressional Black Caucus, the Bluedog Coalition and Transportation committee and of course the FOX to name only a few.   
Those who may have feared her wrath in the past, aren’t backing down now – in fact they’re standing toe to toe with her and demanding political fairness, transparency and some real help for Americans and their Nation.  So, let’s see what “Miss Chisel” is up to in the White House and wouldn’t it be fair to scrutinize Pelosi’s activities; she works for us you know!  Let’s look a bit further and see if Pelosi has broken any rules recently. 
Nancy believes she is immune to public scrutiny, but one must wonder why she feels that American taxpayers should foot her expensive tastes.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember taxpayers telling Nancy she can come and go as she pleases on our “Airforce Jet.”  She has taken millions out of our pockets to pay for her lavish travel habits, including food, liquor or whatever. 
Her lavish tastes including flowers and Chantilly donuts, food and beverage are hitting the 30,000 mark plus just for office expenses;  the speaker’s office overall spends over a 1/4 of all congressional leadership office charges.  Miss Chisel not only eats high on the hog – she travels around the countryside in one of our airforce jets.  Wow, what about that 30 ml she snuck out of our stimulus money for the itsy bitsy mouse in the wetlands around Nancy’s stomping grounds.  Guess, if we were Nancy’s pet mouse we’d be clapping our hands and doing backflips!
Next time you have some Star- Kist Tuna – just remember Nancy and I say this for good reason.  Her husband, Paul owns about 17 ml of Star-Kist Tuna and since Star-Kist is the major employer for American Samoa; fearless Nancy stepped up to the bat for Paul and helped herself to about 33 million dollars of our money.  This 33 ml was of course, you guessed it for American Samoa. 
A book could be written about Pelosi and the way she’s misued taxpayers money, but what would that accomplish.  Actions speak louder than words, what do you say, we remove her from the White House once and for all.  When you hear Pelosi on the news media next time, just remember this is one “Pot” that calls the kettle black all of the time. 
May God Bless Our Children and Future Generations