Pelosi Standing On One Leg Only Now

Pelosi, if analized probably would be diagnosed with hearing, seeing and short circuits to and from the brain – all  major problems causing a disfunction that hasn’t any cure at this time.  She can’t hear Americans when they say “No” to health reform and she can’t see her fellow Democrats trying to abandon ship and when she talks, it’s pretty much off the wall muttering that doesn’t make sense, at least not to many of us. 
A review on Newsmax Thursday February 4th, discussed what Stupak says about votes for the healthcare bill;  Mr. Stupak is aware that a large number of Democrats oppose the Health Care Bill at this time. One would think this news just might get Pelosi’s attention, but you’d be wrong if you went under that assumption. 
Nancy is supposedly flying under the armpit of her great leader and she’s jumping up and down on one leg saying, Americans deserve what the Democrats are about to put on our plates.  Nancy even had the nerve to say the Healthcare Reform would strengthen “Medicare” and that takes alot of guts for any man or women to make a stupid statement like that…  And of course she finishes her speech just like Obama with a, “We Must Act Now.”  What’s the hurry, the only think Obama, Pelosi and Reid know how to do is spend our money!
Wonder if Pelosi should fill out her resume and start job hunting; politics probably won’t be a good choice after Americans get done with her. Maybe she should consider getting down in the trenches with us and find out what “real men and women” do for a living. 
May God Bless America