Is Now a Good Time to Take "God" Out of the Picture

For those who opt to go down the lonely road to nowhere – it’s never too late to turn around!  Doesn’t it seem peculiar that the History of the United States has been swept under the rug, relegated to the very ancient history shelves?  How many teachers are permitted to go back July 2nd, 1776 and teach the basic history of those brave, devout men who worked diligently to place our Nation on a strong foundation? 

Here it is in a nutshell, a group of men, who regardless of religion said from this day forth, America will be “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”  Our Nation was resilient, compassionate, and sensitive to worldly responsibilities and a haven for those who wanted to follow “The American Dream.”

But, years of progressive ideas by the restless took a toll – piece by piece our country has been ripped at the seams by those who defied our forefathers, made fun of them and deliberately and with harmful intention led our country astray.  I refer to them as the meddlers – the peddlers represent some of our news media. 

The “Meddlers” were patient and slowly, but surely chipped away at our Nation’s foundation by increments.  Progressives are always promoting, dictating and sneaking some kind of social reform via politics, outside interest groups and some of our news media.  The Peddlers (news media) followed suit by throwing us all a bunch of edited, re edited and regurgitated propaganda in order to get a specific response from us…

The progressives were the meddlers that I often refer to in my blogs – with the willing assistance of our Supreme Court preyed on our schools, parents and working class relegating them to a “fish bowl.”  We were exposed to a large dose of immorality (that was the sleep around with anyone era – that’s still in Vogue.) 

Marriage went from “till death do us part” to a “see ya later, baby” just found a new model.   The divorce rate has sky rocketed and the children are the ones who suffer.  Actually young men got the message and decided “shacking up” was the smart way to go if you wanted an afterlife. 

Thanks to dear Dr. Spock, the parental /child relationship did a topsy, turvy.  The child rules the family in many circumstances, while the parent scrambles to please the “Kid.”  Spock pretty much said to parents, “Let the kids be free, allow them plenty of self expression – let them find themselves and by gosh the kids found themselves alright. 

School drop outs, excessive sex, drugs and other addictions interrupted the once strong family unit.  Adult children ran back home to Daddy and Mommy, because they flat couldn’t make it on their own.  Grandparents stepped up to the bat and assisted Dad and Mom because latest and greatest technology was not a time saver.   

So we have several generations of younger men and women who are still trying to find themselves and grandparents who’ve taken over the parental role for their adult children.  Teenagers are confused, scared and feel all alone.  Millions of parents have thrown their children to the  wolves due to two alien “Gods, “ materialism and immorality. 

Here’s one thing we can take to the bank and cash in – our forefathers knew America’s strong foundation could only survive the “meddlers, peddlers and Gov on the one premise, “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for all.”

Maybe it’s not a good time to take “God” out of the picture and hopefully our government will revisit our constitution, read the “Bill of Rights”, say the Pledge of Allegiance and listen to the words of a wise, wise man.  General Washington’s mottos were, “Deeds, not Words” and “For God and My Country.”

May God Bless America