Will The Real Democrats - Please Stand Up

Sometimes the simplicity of a problems is overshadowed and camoflaged with politics, rubble and propaganda.  So it is with some of our God fearing Democrats – they know in their heart of hearts what the right thing to do is, but political pressures seem to be clutching and choking them.  So what could the answer be to Obama’s runaway spending, healthcare reform and devious administration. 
The answer is right in front of them, waiting for a reaction, but they’ve been placed into a “den of thieves” and aren’t sure what their next move should be…  Hey, Dems just follow the KISS acronym, which afterall means nothing more than a systematic way of doing things. 
Stand up for your country, your children, your grandchildren and your fellow Americans; take the government out of Obama, Pelosi and Reid’s hands.  It will take only a few of you to stand up and say “No.”  “No” to more spending, “No to the healthcare reform, “No” to the ridiculous earmarks and “No” to Obamanism. 
Democrats, you have a once in a lifetime chance of salvaging your party and now’s the time to make a stand.  You’ll get job stability, the support of Americans and a chance to make a real difference, to create a real change that has teeth in it!  So instead of agonizing over the politics being played by the “Triplets,” just join hands with your partners and do “the right thing.”
As mentioned in the first part of my blog – sometimes the answer to a problem is right in front of our eyes.  Americans need to join with those Democrats who are fighting for their Nation, join hands with them, give them support and encourage them to make their move now – later just won’t cut it!
May God Bless Our Nation and My Fellow Americans