Too Little - Too Late

Posted by Annie on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 12:00:00 AM

Yesterday, I blogged on some of the reasons Americans are fearful about the recession in 2010.  Without consumer confidence, 2010 could possibly be a repeat of 2009, only worse.  Predictions by economists and lending institutions look very gloomy for 2010; over 2 million homeowners will probably loose their homes due to our shaky economy. 
January 2010, new homes sales plunged to an all time low, the lowest level for over half a century.  This is a very strong indicator that consumers don’t trust our government!  It’s sad to think that a few people can turn our Nation upside down in such a short time. 
When I said too little -too late, it was because Obama is now saying the HAMP program for homeowners wasn’t working and he’s thinking about revising it – this man has been on a selfish mission since he took office.  What’s he been doing – passing money out the door faster than we can make it and devoting all of his time to a ridiculous “Healthcare Reform” that Americans don’t want.  What doesn’t Obama understand about “NO?”  None of the programs initiated by Obama in 2009 have assisted the taxpayer!
We don’t have many options at this time, but we must insist that the reckless spending be stopped immediately.  All of our government representatives need to throw us more than a carrot at this time – the government needs to be ruthlessly downsized, earmarks removed, no more 2 million dollar vacations on our dime, restriction of the billions of dollars in grants that are sneaking out the back door.  Stopped all programs like Hamp, Tarp, Harp, and use the remainder of the stimulus money to start paying down on our National Deficit.  Until a budget (designed to reduce our trillions in debt) is established, we’re very likely going to be headed for a “Depression.” 
If I could have a wish come true it would be this: take some of the middle class good old boys and girls, pay their way to Washington and put our government on a budget and create a list of logical priorities for them to adhere to…  Until we stop spending, we will never be able to place our Nation back on its once strong foundation. 
May God Bless Our Nation