Stand Off at Obama's Corral

Posted by Annie on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 12:00:00 AM

We’re about to witness Obama’s soft shoe once again; he’s prepared to corral the Republicans and tar and feather his fellow Democrats (the ones who are worrying about job security and the upcoming elections.)  He’s on a mission to scare Americans by telling sad stories and threatening them with healthcare problems.  Don’t think for a minute that being on C-span will stop his last attempt to jam this healthcare reform down our throats; he’s armed and he’s dangerous. 
Some of our Democrats are very likely going to have a sleepless night, because they have been compromised by Obama and they don’t know how to gracefully get out of this mess.  Republicans aren’t going to negotiate too much, Obama’s already had their recommendations in his hand for several weeks; so the negotiation process will prove to be rather senseless. 
Obama is dead set on passing this healthcare reform, come hell or high water because he’s promised lobbyists and other influential Obamians that it would in fact be a done deal.  Republicans want to scratch this reform and go back to the drawing board and some of the Democrats just wish it would wither on the vine so they’re not held accountable for another bad Democratic decision.  So what will tomorrow accomplish – probably just 6 futile hours of frustration. 
If Obama worked as hard on our fallen economy as he has on the “healthcare reform,” consumers confidence would be up, small business would be thriving and lenders would be offering a helping hand to the consumer.  But, his obsessiveness in passing another poorly orchestrated reform scares taxpayers, because they know there will be more taxes, more debt and that 2010 will be another stressful year.  Why in the world does Obama think we’re his pawns and work for him – he is our employee  and it’s our dime. 
May God Bless Americans and kick the heathcare reform to the curb.