Reid Is At It Again - Beware

Harry Reid is once again trying to blindside Americans.  His latest and greatest is a plans to force a cloture vote on Monday for a $15 billion jobs package thru Monday the 22nd, 2010.  Many Democrats are fearful and aren’t in agreement with this bill, but a few are saying the same ole thing, “If we don’t do something, we’ll lose the confidence of Americans completely.”  So the mindset here is do something,  do anything to give Americans the impression that we care. 

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0210/33226.html#replyform#ixzz0g7pGxEP1

Reid is doing nothing more than scrambling for his votes this year – this is the man who single handed requested $388,230,353 for 2008 and 2009.  This is the man who with the able assistance of Pelosi and Obama has hid behind closed doors in an attempt to jam a defunct “healthcare reform” bill down America’s throats.

To allow Reid to force a cloture vote on Monday using 15 billion more of taxpayers’  money is insane.  This is nothing more than one more bill that hasn’t been orchestrated and once passed, no one will know how to implement this bill, nor will anyone monitor how it is used and who the real benefactors are…. 

The Treasury has stated previously HAMP and other bills were passed that they don’t  have the time to monitor these bills – so once again American’s are at the mercy of Obama, Reid and Pelosi.  As stated om the article, this jobs bill of Harry’s doesn’t contain 2 of the most important needs of the people, (!) Extension of unemployment and (2) Aid for each state. 

America, just think about this, no amount of money will help at this time if people don’t have money to live on and the states don’t have the funding to function.  It seems that what is happening is a repeat of the so called stimulus bill.  This is one bill that needs to go in front of all taxpayers – total transparency before anything is passed.  There must be some kind of laws or protection for Americans when we have such corrupt people running our country!   

Harry’s closed door policies are dangerous and will increase the National Deficit – if the Obama and Democrats put us through another 2009 year (where spending was at an all time high) they may in fact place us in a “Depression.”  We can’t keep spending – our money has been misused and we are broke. 

Harry Reid needs to work on downsizing the government, cutting out earmarks, learning how to balance a budget or better yet just get out of town.  We, flat just don’t need this man in Washington. 

May God Bless America