How Did We Get Here?

Today as I’m reading news, listening to those who are actually foreigners to me and trying to make some sense out of out present Administration, it occurred to me that we can’t fix a problem if we don’t have all of the facts.  So I ask those who are called Liberalists, Socialists, Left Wingers or disgruntled Americans to step forward with some real information that we can understand. 
Do you really believe in big government, being owned by the government and higher taxes for all of us who work hard daily trying to pay for a home, educate our children and yes, trying desparately to live a good life (the American life which was give to us by “God” and some wise men called our “forefathers?”  Do you really think that we owe a living to those who opt to sit in their lazy boy and draw a paycheck from us? 
What is it that we believe in that gets your trousers ruffled?  What are we doing that triggers your anger?  Why do you hate us?  It takes more than words to inspire us!  We, the American people need some substance brought to the table – it’s beyond a “He said, she said” attititude.  What are you really doing for your country?  What are the things you really care about in 2010?  If you’re planning on a repeat of 2009, we must decline your invitation. 
Where do you see your children and grandchildren in 2020?  Do you want them so encumbered with taxes, laws and all the rest of the parfanallia that they can’t live in a country that was once called the “land of the free?”  Where are you headed, what do you really think?  It’s time to bring real solutions to the table, because all of this “Crap and gibberish” really doesn’t make sense! 
A perfect example of the mindset of your people would be last night on “Hannity” when a young women who obviously hates Sarah Palin stuttered and stamered around trying to convince us that Sarah just wasn’t going to cut it.   One would think after this young women tried desperately to denounce Sarah that we were in dire danger from the former governor of Alaska and yet when you listened to her feeble explanations to “Hannity,” it appears that she was using the “female card” as a legitimate excuse. 
So what is it about “Sarah” you don’t like?  Is it because she likes to hunt elk or moose or whatever?  Is it because she has a daughter who slipped a little? Or is it because Sarah is trying to get Americans to stand up for their Nation and their children and regain their voice.  What is there to be afraid of when you have a “fellow American” standing toe to toe with those who wish our country harm? 
Another recent example and I do mean recent is “Colmes” website clapping their hands that they made our Olympian remove his support for our troops from his helmet.  Very seldom, do I leave a website to check out on my blogs:  http://www.alan.com/  but it’s a perfect example of the meddlers and peddlers whoever “they” may be…   America, we’re so far out in outer space, we are allowing this obvious support for our troops to be qualified as “Political Propagand!” 
Alan Colmes, is your obvious disdain for our troops something you can be proud of or is it a mere statement showing you and your cohorts are in control (whatever that means) regardless of the harm it does to our brave “men and women” who fight for our freedoms, our safety and who are willing to stand up for America.  Shame on you – our 5 branches of the military are the reason we can get up in the morning, have a leisurely cup of coffee, hang out with our families and have the luxury of smelling the “roses.” 
Alan, they are the reason that you have this freedom of speech, freedom to do whatever on your website, freedom to take a pot shot at our Olympian and our troops.  So this grandmother say, “May God Bless Our Nation and Our Brave Men and Women” who keep our country safe.