Obama - Lost the Blame Game

In 2008, Obama fed us “change” and promised us a new rose garden. In 2009, we experienced “Change” along with a garden of thorns.  The question that arises from these mucky months is simply this…  Is Mr. Obama incapable of leading our Nation or has he with ill intent worked at bringing Americans to our knees?  Was our money for the stimulus bill, HAMP, TARP, HARP, Cash for Clunkers etc. misused in hopes that we would not be able to recover from the recession? 
Promises made by Obama seem to be mere whims that sound good yet have no real substance.  It’s merely a psychology that has been used by him to keep us engaged and hopeful that sometime soon things will get better.  Somewhat like a spoiled child, he’ll do anything for attention!  This Obama boy has played “Wolf” too long and blamed everyone under the sun for his errors and blatant behavior. 
Obama has crossed the line of trust so many times, that most of us would rather watch the weather channel then listen to one more Obama interview or speech.  He’s worn out his welcome and 2010 isn’t looking any better for him – he’s still on the “healthcare reform” kick and we’re still looking for jobs, help with our foreclosures, smaller government, transparency, paying down the National deficit and real protection from terrorists.  
Don’t blame yourself if you can’t figure out what the Obama agenda is –  many of his Democratic team players appear to be facing the same problem and they’re jumping ship.  More Democrats will drop by the wayside in 2010, because they are concerned for our Nation and our children.  There are many great Democrats out there and their leader has dropped them on their heads; they don’t know who he is, what he really stands or where he came from… 
Americans need do some soul searching and decide what “change” they really want – do they want higher taxes, bigger government and do they want to continue spreading the wealth with AIG, Freddie, Fannie, Acorn and all of the others who had their hand out waiting on some of our stimulus money? 
To those who still want to march to Obama’s drummer, remember he’s lost the “Blame Game,” and you have too – there’s no one else to blame!   Only one group of people let our Nation fall apart at the seams in 2009 and that same group is still trying to jam a healthcare reform down our throat, play patti cake with the terrorists, raise taxes and probably create another defunct stimulus bill. 
America, we have lost millions of jobs, our homes, our savings all because of a few extremely greedy culprits –  May God Bless America