Last of the Die Hards

America, here is an example of what our Nation doesn’t need.  Katie Couric, who was once highly touted has fallen to the lower ranks of journalism.  Katie works for CBS and seems to be in a “rock and hardplace,” if she doesn’t show strong allegiance to CBS, she’ll flat be replaced.  The Katie we use to know was ethical, honest and a real professional that many, many admired – now she has fallen from this position and is scrambling for job security.  No longer a voice respected by many Americans; sadly Katie is struggling trying to keep up a false front. 
On February 12,, here is what Katie is trying to sell Americans after a so called poll was taken,  Katie Couric touted, as “most think his priority is serving the people as seen on CYBER ALERT, February 12, 2010 @ 9:30 AM.   Where has Katie been hiding the past 13 months and more?   As usual, Katie has twisted the story to suit her agenda.  Most Americans that I’ve talked with and I’m not into “polling,” say, Mr. Obama’s priorities haven’t included Americans nor has he shown any real concern for his Nation. 
Let’s see, our stimulus money went to lets say the undesirables, special interest groups and hopefully not to Unions.  The HAMP program that Mr. Obama raved about is nothing more than a way to hand our money to lenders who are less than honest, many are in lawsuits beyond their armpits and no one in the Obama camp had time to monitor their activities.  Here is the perfect example of a defunct program that has wasted and misused our money. 
Other similar poorly orchestrated proams would be TARP, HARP, Cash for Clunkers(this program is starting to bite Americans in the fanny) and his fancy non functional programs just keep rolling along.  How many dollars, how many hours have been spent trying to ramrod the Healthcare Reform bill down our thoats? 
 Katie has the gull to give us some off the wall statistics about Obama’s priority of serving the people – we are the people and none of us appear to be on the Obama list.  So to Katie at CBS, please don’t bother trying to make a “silk purse out of a sow’s ear,” Americans aren’t buying your product Katie Couric. 
Where did the young women land who once believed in her country, her fellow Americans and Nation?  One more thing Katie, we are at war with the “terrorists,” and we need a leader who has the “guts” and “desire to protect our country and our people.
May God Bless America Today and Always