Its A Jungle Out There - Americans

Americans, it’s a jungle out there – the healthcare reform is still in the process of creation behind closed doors.  Senators  Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson have joined the “Snuckers” as I call them and sold their souls for a mere pittance.  So much for the good ole days, when trust, respect and decency were key words that befit a good man or woman. 

As we speak, Mr. Obama and friends are planning a repeat of 2009 one more time – our hard earned money is going to AIG in the form of bonuses.  We’re speaking of a company that received a Federal rescue package of approximately 180 plus billion dollars.  The scuttlebutt is there will be more paid out in bonuses in early spring.

One must wonder what the big dogs are thinking at AIG when they ran like whipped pups to the “Gov” begging for help last year – do they really think Americans are going to give them the time of day next time they come crawling and begging for money!   They are literally thumbing their nose at us and still owe us a lot of money. 

Who threw our money to these wolves without proper clauses in the contract to protect Americans – does anyone realize that those who have lost their jobs, homes and hope were the ones that should have received the assistance from the stimulus bill.   AIG has reneged on timely payment of this loan and are negotiating with Feinberg once again begging for compassion.   

Nothing has changed, nothing new at the White House – we’re faced with a bunch of politicians on a runaway train.  Instead of putting on the breaks, initiating a real budget, cutting out earmarks, downsizing the government (ruthlessly), retrieving the remaining money from the stimulus bill, HAMP, TARP, HARP etc., they just keep throwing on more coal and now they’re adding gasoline. 

Obama’s new budget resembles another repeat of 2009; it’s an accident waiting to happen.   If we think this is a stupid, incompetent man who just stumbles and fumbles around, we’re wrong.  Those who own him and trained him are thanking him for the great job he accomplished in 2009 – he did just what he was supposed to do…  He brought us to our knees ruthlessly and with evil intent.

Obama’s budget  – more reckless spending, tax increases for all (that is going to happen), bigger government, spreading the wealth, getting a government controlled healthcare reform passed, which translates into higher unemployment, more foreclosures, lenders refusing to lend, consumers refusing to buy and if this happens a “depression” will be on our doorstep.

How I wish Mr. Obama would have the guts to meet with me, without his teleprompter, on the White House steps.  As an American, one who loves our country, the mother of four adult children and grandmother of seven, I should have a right to stand toe to toe with this man and have a conversation that all Americans can hear. 

First, I would ask him why all of his reforms, bills and programs in 2009 were not only costly to America, but poorly orchestrated and totally defunct programs.  Next, I would ask him why in the world he protects terrorists and not Americans.  Then I would ask him to discuss the reasons he keeps handling our business behind closed doors – he shows his disdain for us by blatantly making deals to buy votes, does favors for the Unions,  hands money out to Freddie and Fanny without asking us and parties in Copenhagen to the tune of 2 million dollars without getting our approval. 

Does he not understand that he is our employee – he works for us or do I have that wrong?

Then I’d like to discuss the earmarks, we really don’t care about water taxies, tattoo removal, swine odor and manure etc., etc…   We do care about the blank check we’ve signed and frankly it’s time for him to hand it back to Americans.  He’s irresponsible, unable to lead our Nation and its obvious now the reason his past has been hidden. 

Oh well, I’ll just keep blogging because Obama wouldn’t consider talking to a lowly grandmother who wants to leave our children and grandchildren a Nation that has been restored to its once strong foundation.  May God Bless America

Thanks for talking, Annie